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Argentine Lawmaker Presents a Bill to Allow Civil Workers to Receive Salary in Crypto 



A Lawmaker in the Parliament of Argentina has  presented a bill to enable the Civil servants within the region to receive their payments in cryptocurrencies. Congressman José Luis Ramón believes the bill would provide self-governance and give Argentina citizens more leverage over their finances.


The Congressman presented the bill to the legislature in Argentina for hearing earlier this week. The bill was to allow Argentines receive full or partial salaries in cryptocurrencies. The idea behind the bill according to the Congressman was to preserve the earnings of the workers by hedging against inflation through earnings in cryptocurrencies;


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“Argentines can strengthen their autonomy and preserve the purchasing power of their remuneration.”


“This initiative arises from the need to promote greater autonomy and the governance of wages, without this implying a loss of rights or exposure to the situations of abuse within the framework of the employment relationship”, he stated on Twitter.


The currency of the country, the Argentina Peso is said to be suffering an inflation loss of about 50% per year. Ramón’s bill might just be coming at the right time to save the workers from rendering their earnings being rendered valueless.


The Congressman published a preview where he stated the goals of the project. It will define what the country regards as cryptos among other terms in the industry. 


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The workers will have the absolute control to choose the module of their payments whether cryptos or Peso according to the document by Ramón. It also stated that it remains their decision to make changes to the payment process at any point in time. 


 It is also important to note that the transaction fees for transferring crypto will be paid by the employees that choose crypto payments.


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