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Lead Wallet Partners with Earnathon to Educate Millions of People on DeFi & NFT



Lead Wallet Partners with Earnathon to Educate Millions of People on DeFi & NFT

Lead Wallet has partnered with Earnathon to bring blockchain and cryptocurrency education to people across the world. 

The crypto revolution is moving across the world with more and more people are getting exposed to this novel innovation. However, the right information is imperative to guide people to make better decisions. Earnathon was created for this purpose. To bring quality crypto education to millions globally. 

Over the years, the industry has gone through phases and currently the buzz in the crypto industry currently is Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Non Fungible Token (NFT). The decentralized finance movement is noted to be truly defining and this coupled with the ingenuity behind NFTs will truly transform lives globally and help to bring more non crypto people.

Earnathon was specifically designed for this, to bring crypto awareness and education to millions all over the world. Through the Earnathon platform of over 400k users, learners will be able to gain better understanding of DeFi and NFT. ‘Learning is not enough, we must apply’, and this is one reason why Lead Wallet is imperative. Lead Wallet is a multichain wallet built to enable anyone to easily and quickly access the vast resources in DeFi & NFT space and do more. Lead Wallet empowers anyone to STORE, SPEND, SWAP, STAKE. 

This partnership will see the two firms pull their resources, knowledge and experiences to spread awareness on adoption of cryptocurrency with emphasis of DeFi and NFT on the Earnathon platform. 

Via this partnership, Lead Wallet and Earnathon will bring to both communities and the world quality education on DeFi and NFT and empower learners with the resources to apply the knowledge gained. 

Earnathon’s vision is to bring blockchain and cryptocurrency education to one billion people by 2050. 

Speaking on the partnership, Tony Emeka, CEO of Earnathon said;

“We are particularly excited for this partnership. The current industry trend and future makes this partnership even more significant. DeFi and NFTs are unique innovations that will define the years to come and we’re excited at what the future holds with this partnership”

The CEO of Lead Wallet, Francis Obasi also speaking said;

I believe Earnathon is a much-needed solution to encourage crypto mass adoption through their learn and earn programme. It’s even more interesting seeing that it’s a solution designed to capture and draft Africans into the ever growing crypto and blockchain space. I see a huge synergy between Lead Wallet and Earnathon as both have similar vision of driving crypto mass adoption through better and simplified tools, application use cases, education and focus in emancipating citizens of emerging economies.”This strategic partnership will have Earnathon’s learn and earn programme integrated into Lead Wallet app, so as to make it easier for users to learn, earn, and spend cryptocurrencies from a single app interface. The partnership will allow Lead sponsor crypto and blockchain contents to increase the body of knowledge and research in the space.”

About Lead Wallet 

Lead Wallet is a decentralized multi-cryptocurrency application based on the Android and IOS platforms. As a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet, its users will be able to control how they spend, store, and organize their funds. In addition, the wallet allows users to spend, swap, exchange and stake their cryptocurrency directly from the Lead Wallet interface via a very short execution process.”

About Earnathon

Earnathon is a learn and earn platform empowering people with the knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency as well as the financial resources to apply the acquired knowledge.

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