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Popular Investor Regrets Not Buying Bitcoin Years Back



Jim Rogers, America’s legendary and popular investor has recently stated that he wished he had bought Bitcoin years back when the first cryptocurrency by market capitalization was not as valuable as it is now. The American Investor made this revelation during an interview session with RealVision.

The financial expert stated during the interview that Bitcoin has proved to be an asset of value over the years even when a number of cryptocurrencies have come and gone with nothing to show for it. He further went on to liked his regret for not having any unit of the digital asset in his financial portfolio to how well the cryptocurrency has performed over the years;

I wish I had bought Bitcoin. I will point out that many cryptocurrencies have already disappeared and gone to zero. We all hear about Bitcoin. We don’t hear about the dozens that don’t exist anymore”

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Governments Could Outlaw Bitcoin – Jim Rogers    

The famous Investor went on to state that Bitcoin could grow to become a “viable currency” and more than just a “trading vehicle”. He stated clearly that the cryptocurrency could be threatened by control from the Governments when it reaches that stage which might deter its existence – decentralization;

If Bitcoin ever becomes a viable currency instead of a trading vehicle, they can outlaw it. Governments don’t want to lose control, they like their monopoly. Do you think they’re going to say, ‘Okay, here are US dollars and they’re on the computer, but if you want to use something else, you can?’ That’s actually not my experience with governments at any time in history.”

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Bitcoin Critic Turned Bitcoin Evangelist

Jim Rogers is said to have a history of being a Bitcoin critic as he has referred to cryptocurrencies as mere bubbles in the past. He has also allegedly stated previously that the values of cryptocurrencies will go back to zero. Bitcoin proved to be a valuable asset for investment and he regretted not buying, probably he’ll add some to his portfolio later on.

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