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‘One day Ethereum will be used to program US law’ – Prof. of Law, Aaron Wright



A Professor of Law in a US based law school believes Ethereum will someday be used to program Laws in the United States of America. Aaron Wright, the Professor in Cardozo Law School based in New York belief in the capabilities of ethereum is shared by a lot of others. 

It’s public knowledge that Ethereum is termed world computer and since Ethereum was created, it has shown how resilient it is and it’s computational capabilities. 

While the Ethereum Network is buffeted by high and rising cost of transaction fees, slow speed which has resulted in many other blockchains cropping up to try to exploit this weakness to gain market share and popularity, ethereum has made a name for itself as a first smart contract platform and currently has billions of dollars of value locked in. 

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It’s no surprise Aaron Wright will think Ethereum will be used to write US laws considering the ongoing research into the application of blockchain in the legal sector and the fact that Ethereum has been hard at work trying to migrate unto a faster, secure and low fee consensus protocol Proof of Stake (POS).

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Aaron Wright is also co-founder of FlamingDAO, ‘an NFT-focused DAO that aims to explore emerging investment opportunities for ownable, blockchain-based assets’.

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