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Nigeria is showing signs of readiness to implement blockchain – Lucky Uwakwe



The Nigerian state is showing signs of readiness for blockchain integration across the nation. This was made known by the Chief Operating Officer of Sabi Exchange, Lucky Uwakwe at the Inside Blockchain show on CryptoTvplus on monday the 23rd of November, 2020.

He went further saying the Private sector is ready, while the public sector shows signs of readiness, this is reflected in the moves by government bodies especially NITDA in recent times. 

Inside blockchain CryptoTVPlus

Speaking on the topic of Nigeria generating between $6bn to $10bn from now till 2030, Mr. Luck said it’s possible and that more than that can really be captured by the government over the ten year period if the policies and frameworks are well put in place. 

He compared Nigeria to Malta emphasizing the growth over the few years in terms of blockchain policy, regulations & infrastructures and that if Nigeria can do what Malta has done, it can easily generate the amount it wishes to generate. 

Mr. Lucky was pressed further by the CryptoTvplus host, Tony Obiajuru on what steps had been taken since the stakeholders meeting in Abuja earlier to pursue the agenda of the meeting, Mr. Lucky said the industry stakeholders are currently submitting contributions to support a comprehensive policy. Basically, the current phase is still the adoption phase – phase one. 

He also commented on the cryptocurrency market on the program. He said the market is currently into four segments which are the BTC, ALTs, DeFi and NFT. 

You can watch the program here before:

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