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Digital Euro About to Emerge as Lagarde Conducts ECB Survey to Ascertain Public Attitude to CBDC



The European Central Bank (ECB) may soon release its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), as the National Bank’s President, Christine Lagarde revealed in an ECB survey to ascertain the general public’s attitude to a digital Euro. This suggests that Europe’s National Bank is deliberating on a retail CBDC. The CBDC will be scaled across several platforms beyond just being used between traditional banks.

According to Noelle Acheson, it will signify a more “profound way in the way finance works.” 

In a recent tweet disclosing this survey, Lagarde notes;

“As Europeans are increasingly turning to digital currency in the ways they spend, save and invest, we should be prepared to issue a digital Euro, if needed. I’m also keen to hear your views on it.”  

ECB Launches Public Consultation To Air Europeans

The ECB President categorically said (via a video that accompanied her tweet) the following while revealing that the European National Bank is still evaluating the plausibility of releasing a digital Euro:

“We’ve just launched a public consultation so that consumers and Europeans can actually express their preference and tell us whether they would be happy to use a digital Euro just in the way they use a Euro coin or a Euro banknote knowing that it is central bank money that is available and that they can rely upon.”

Lagarde’s Observations Mirror Couere’s Earlier Remarks on a Digital Euro

It appears that Lagarde’s observations are in tandem with the remarks of Benoit Couere, who is the Head of the Innovation Hub at the Bank for International Settlements and a representative of the bank’s Executive Committee. These similar opinions are the underlying ideologies behind the emergence of a retail CBDC or digital Euro.

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