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The CTO of Beam and Tech Lead has been revealed Beam is building decentralized bridges between blockchains. The bridge is designed to allow interoperability between blockchain networks such that values can be easily transferred between chains. 

This was made known on the CryptoTvplus AMA Series which aired on Wednesday, the 25th of November, 2020.

According to Alex Romanov, there’s a current strong trend in the industry in terms of interoperability. Beam is building  decentralized bridges between Beam, Polkadot and Ethereum. These bridges will enable anyone to move value between either of these networks and Beam in a completely decentralized way. 

The Beam CTO went on saying Beam definitely will lead the direction of building blockchain connecting tools. In his words 

Alex Romanov, CTO & Tech Lead, Beam
Alex Romanov, CTO & Team Lead, Beam.

Interoperability is happening, there will be more projects that connect to each other in the future and Beam will definitely lead this direction by building completely decentralized bridges that will allow to freely move value across chains and trade confidentially.”

Considering the development in the industry as regards to regulatory impact on privacy coins which Beam is one such, Alex Romanov said, in few years, we’ll see regulations moving forward to adapt to the new reality and understanding that privacy is not something bad but something good that people need to be able to trade on blockchain. 

He also said the industry will see much more serious trading on blockchain because it’s convenient and has lots of advantages. 

You can watch the AMA Session here below:

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