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Airweave Tests Permanent Data Storage App 



Airweave, a non-destructible file sync data storage App stormed the Crypto-Data Storage sector earlier today.

The ArDrive founder, Phil Mataras, notes: 

“Arweave is the only crypto that’s claiming to be permanent data storage so there’s no other place that I could have built this” 

The user friendly Airweave enables users to pay a one stop fee which is to be determined by the price of Arweave tokens, and then they get to have their files, documents and data permanently on the web. What is more, there is no limit to the amount of data to be stored on this network and users are protected from undue bowdlerization.

Matara notes that “We have a good use case because everyone understands it. When you look at a lot of these blockchain Apps, especially the new DeFi applications out there, it’s hard for people to understand let alone use.”

Arweave is very similar to Filecoin, a decentralized file storage and content distribution network but with more perks like the “virtually unlimited” digital Library of Alexandria. It is also a permanent storage network.

Sam Williams, the new File Sync Data Storage Founder and CEO added that “a permanent Dropbox is an obvious use case of the network”. This innovation is just different because it offers more permanence. 

Williams notes that “With ArDrive, the system never changes. It’s kind of like Ethereum’s ‘code is law’ philosophy, except for web services.” 

He added that:

 “We want to make it really easy for anyone to swipe a credit card, buy a block and start uploading their files.” 

Arweave which was released in June 2018 presently houses 350 Apps simultaneously running on the network. 

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