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Popular Malaysian Thespian Pleads Guilty to a $50,000 Crpyto Assets Theft Claim By His Producer



Few days ago, it was revealed by a Malaysian local media that a Malaysian actor, Mas Khan, was sentenced to 26 months imprisonment with an option of $4,000 as fine for robbing his executive producer of a whopping $50,000 worth of cryptocurrency.

Mas Khan, who played a significant role in a  widespread local movie dubbed Abang Long Fadil 2, looted his producers’ wallet twice very early March 7 2019, after gaining access to his private keys. 


The first plundering saw Khan emptying approximately $14,000 worth of Cryptocurrency from his executive producer. On another day, a sizeable sum of about $36,000 was evacuated by Khan from Datuk A. Aida, his producer.

What is not clear, at the moment, is the exact amount that the Abang Long Fadil 2 Actor appropriated.

The crypto appropriation was carried out very close to Kuala Lumpur in the high class district of Taman Ukay Perdana.

Khan pleaded guilty in the court of first instance after initially not willing to do so. This fast-tracked his case as the magistrate sentenced Khan, christened Mas Hidzhir Khan bin Mas Fadzillah Khan, to one year imprisonment or £1600 for the first count. Khan was sentenced to 14 months in jail or $2,300 as fine for the second count. The section of the Malaysian law under which Khan was sentenced provides for a maximum prison term of seven years or fine or both. 

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