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Naijacrypto has Revealed it'll Launch a Debit Card Amongst others in Coming Weeks 



Popular Nigerian cryptocurrency exchange Naijacrypto has revealed plans to launch some products and onboard significant liquidity unto its platform. 

The firm made this known via its Facebook page that in the coming weeks, it will launch a cryptocurrency Verve powered debit card. According to Naijacrypto, “users no longer have to endure excessive transaction fees and complicated crypto-fiat conversion procedures…”.

The debit card empowers users to make online payments, POS transactions and ATM withdrawals directly from their Naijacrypto wallets. The firm hasn’t disclosed the supported cryptocurrencies yet. 

Onboarding of Liquidity 

Through a partnership secured by a major player in the global cryptocurrency market, Naijacrypto reveals it will onboard significant liquidity which will allow users to enjoy instant filing of orders, faster transactions and lower price quotes. This achievement according to the firm “represents the culmination of months-long efforts to improve and increase the liquidity on the exchange and achieve greater stability as well as boost transaction efficiency for traders and merchants.”

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The launch of Naijacrypto Academy

In the coming weeks, the firm has revealed it will launch an academy that will help to drive cryptocurrency education. This initiative according to the firm was a response to community requests.  The academy will form a “key educational arm of the Naijacrypto ecosystem whose function is to educate users as well as the general public on the basics of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies”

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Affiliate Program 

The firm also revealed plans to roll out its affiliate program that will empower individual users to make money upon referring other users called Candidates. Users that join the affiliate program will be entitled to a percentage of the transaction fees of Candidates. 

These initiatives according to the firm is to essentially cement its place as Nigerian’s leading crypto-exchange.

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Naijacrypto is a cryptocurrency exchange platform offering state-of-the-art services, access to an OTC market for a wide selection of digital assets.

The firm’s strategy focuses on providing unparalleled support, tools, and innovation for professional traders and liquidity providers around the world.

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