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BitMEX Offers Corporate Account Feature to Traders 



Top Margin Trading platform BitMEX announced it now offers Corporate account features to its customers. The Corporate account according to BitMEX is designed for customers who are not individual entities but a company or any other legal entity whose ownership structure differs from other individual traders and will require unique ways for their employees to access and manage accounts on its behalf. 

Founded in 2014 by Arthur Hayes, Ben Delo and Samuel Reed, BitMEX grew to become a leader in my crypto trading market. BitMEX averages a trading volume of over 150,000 BTCs valued over a billion dollars with the bitcoin market taking a significant share of the trade volume. 

BitMEX affords corporate account users several benefits such as ensuring legal property of corporate entities, enhanced service which has a dedicated client coverage relationship manager and access to global corporate events. 

Corporate account customers enjoy enhanced security by allowing customers to define account access and control via authorized signatories and dedicated account management. Corporate Account customers also are offered account audit features and support. 

The firm also disclosed that high volume Corporate Accounts are also eligible for the Tiered Account Schemes benefits such as increase in trade limit thresholds linked to trading behaviour and having their opinions heard regarding products and features development.

BitMEX has stated that the only type of account that’s eligible are accounts that are not owned and managed by an individual. And that the Corporate Account customers will enjoy future benefits such as invitation to be part of its Early Access programmes for ongoing product and service enhancements, with Sub-Account and Inter-Account instant transfer features and Multi-User Login capabilities due to be launched later in the year.

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