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Margin Traders on Binance Can Now Trade IOST and VET.



Binance has now added support for IOST and VET to its Margin Trading platform thus, now, users can trade these assets each in two different pairs.
For each of the newly listed assets, Binance has created two pairs for them, the IOST/BTC, IOST/USDT, VET/BTC, VET/USDT.
Binance continues to grow its platform business by adding features and offering newer products.
Recently Binance added support for the Nigerian Naira. It also offered zero fee promo for deposits.
In a partnership with Flutterwave, Nigerians can now purchase cryptocurrency using their debit or credit cards on CEO of Binance in a press release stated that the Exchange will in future add support for other African currencies such Kenya shillings and the South African Rand.
In Africa, Binance already has its presence with the launching of Binance Uganda.
The Margin Trading Platform last week also saw the listing of the Basic Attention Token BAT with both the BAT/BTC and BAT/USDT trading pairs.
Margin Trading allows traders to trade beyond their account means by borrowing funds from the platform.
CZ, CEO of Binance few months ago assured users that the liquidity which powers the platform comes from funds which users lend to the platform through the Binance Lending Service and in turn, the interest payable to lenders are gotten from the fees paid by Margin Traders.

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