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Blockchain Wallet Users Can Now Pay Online Using BitPay Payment Protocol Via Their Wallet



The firm Blockchain, a wallet and blockchain explorer provider has official disclose a partnership it has signed with world’s largest crypto payment processor – BitPay.
Users of Blockchain Wallet and cryptocurrency enthusiast can now pay for goods and services online using their bitcoin directly from their wallet without having to reveal their private keys.
This was made possible by the seamless integration of the BitPay’s payment protocol to the Blockchain Wallet which allows users to access the large merchants’ base in the BitPay ecosystem such as Amazon, etc
Bitpay is the largest crypto payments provider and thousands of businesses rely daily on BitPay to be their direct bridge connecting them to the cryptocurrency world to recieve payments and also having the option to settle payments in fiat currencies.
To be able to use this new feature, users will simply copy or scan invoices and complete payments via the Blockchain Wallet.
Speaking on the partnership, Blockchain said “We’re excited to see this new addition connect our Wallet users to the world of merchants that accept Bitcoin (and soon other cryptos) as a payment method — one of the key ways to interact with and grow the digital asset ecosystem.”
Since inception in 2011, BitPay has processed up to 3 billion dollars from merchants and B2B consumers.
Early in the week, Blockchain had partnered with Polkadot Network to accelerate the adoption and decentralization of Polkadot tokens as it aims to solve the challenges of blockchain interoperability. The partnership allows users of the Blockchain Wallet to store, send, and receive DOTs and also to vote – participating in the governance of the network.
Blockchain Wallet formerly located at has achieved via its’ platform the creation of over 41 million wallets and processed more than 100 million transactions from users across 140 countries around the world.
Backed by Virgin and Mosaic Ventures amongst others, Blockchain Wallet continues to offer wallet, exchange services to its users.

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