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Survey: 40% Freelancers Receive Payments via Cryptocurrency.



Freelancing has become so popular now as people can easily ditch the routine 9-5 hour schedule of the traditional workplace. However, a recent survey conducted by has revealed that cryptocurrency is becoming appealing to freelancers. The survey was carried out on 1100 freelancers and revealed that cryptocurrency eliminates the need for a middleman for payments especially for those with international clients.
According to the survey, about 38% of the population surveyed admitted to having used cryptocurrency at a time. On the other hand, 41% had never made use of cryptocurrency while 24% had no idea what cryptocurrency was as they had never heard of it. For most freelancers, the appeal of cryptocurrency is the fact that it aids in faster payment with low cost for international transactions.

The survey also found that 29% of freelancers preferred to get crypto payments to being paid through the traditional banking system. 18% of those surveyed revealed that they would prefer to receive their entire income through crypto payments, while 11% said that they would prefer to receive a part of their income in cryptocurrency.

Freelancers find cryptocurrency to be of an advantage to them, it enables them to transact with clients who they may not know or trust. The survey revealed that 13% found it to be an advantage for international payment, 12% considered it a bonus for eliminating middlemen, 8% liked its low commission status. Also, 9% of those surveyed found it advantageous in its transparency, while 11% chose all the qualities mentioned and 4% did not choose any of the qualities.
However, Founder and CEO of, Vlad Dobrynin has revealed that they will be integrating the blockchain technology to their freelancing platform. He explained that the technology will help people get faster search result regardless of their geographical location as well as protect users data.


What do you think about freelancers receiving cryptocurrency as payment for their services? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.


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