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Crypto Mulan; A Celebration of Women of Excellence in the Crypto space



One of my favorite animation of all time is Walt Disney pictures, Mulan. Mulan is a story of bravery, selflessness and sheer intelligence. While watching the movie again after so many years, I couldn’t help but to think of how some of the women I admire most in the crypto space remind me of Mulan.
Faith Obafemi, blockchain lawyer and writer, a woman of great courage and intellect. She’s a crypto mulan. Defying the odds that has made the legal and technological space patriarchal.
Olayinka Oyediran, She is a real warrior welding her sword against cybercrime and preaching the gospel of cybersecurity.
Daisy Ozim is a crypto mulan utilising blockchain and crypto in the agricultural sector.
Telly Valerie Onu, hers is one of the loudest voices speaking up for diversity in the crypto space. She is the co-founder of Beyond Capital Markets, a financial innovation and crypto.
Sophia Ha Ho is not just a Blockchain entrepreneur, she cares deeply about gender equality and women empowerment.  
Jenifer Greyson is the CEO of Powered by Neureal and a force to reckon with in the blockchain space.
Ruth Iselema, she is a beauty in the brooding castle of the Nigerian crypto market. Despite been one of the few females in the space, she is leaving her footprints on the crypto sands of time.
Maureen L. Murat, is a lawyer and Founder/Chief Advisor at Crowdie Advisors. She is helping entrepreneurs gain access to financing via equity crowdfunding, ICOs and Token Sales. She is one person to pay attention to if you need advice on cryptocurrency tax obligations.
These women and others making an impact in the blockchain space are crypto Mulans. They are my crypto Heroines!!!

Do you know any woman changing the narrative in the blockchain space? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.
Image credit: Swan Show
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