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African Politicians Place the Blockchain Technology in Their Manifesto



Politicians are exploiting all communication mediums available to them to influence public opinion when it will benefit their party. Considering how tech savvy Africans are now, it comes as no surprise that the route of technology is where African politicians are willing to take. African politicians are now exploring the blockchain technology in their quest to stay relevant politically. A typical example is Zimbabwean political party, the MDC Alliance which delivered it manifesto recently  and it is coated with promises of the Blockchain technology.
The blockchain technology and its multiple use cases must have caught the eye of the party as they launched their manifesto titled the “New Zimbabwe Pledge for a Sustainable and Modernisation Agenda for Real Transformation” (SMART) at the Jubilee Centre in Harare. SMART which plans to focus on smart governance, nation-building, smart citizen rights, smart sustainable and inclusive economy, smart social justice and delivery and smart reconstruction, interests and protection, and remodelling of the nation’s infrastructure.
The manifesto details the expansion of the reach range of e-applications in governance, health sectors, education sector, accounting, engineering and across various sectors.
The MDC Alliance will ensure that the following services are available:

  • Online visa applications;
  • Online passport application
  • Online voter registration;
  • Online access to ID cards. births and death registration certificates.

It is obvious that data storage is one of the party’s priority. This is because data is one area that destabilizes the plans of governments. When policies are made for 100 people and the actual number of persons are 1000, that policy will not see light of day.
The manifesto further details that the MDC Alliance government will promote the integration and use of the Block Technology in the following areas:

  • Finance and Banking.
  • Identity Management
  • Asset registration
  • Crypto Assets
  • Revenue Collection

There is also a plan to integrate the  blockchain technology into industries through the following process:

  1. Setting up task force teams. for each of the priority areas identified above. made up of subject matter experts to fast track policy guidelines and to advise on the formation of permanent structures to deal with the continuous evolution in this space.
  2. Radical transformation of existing government departments to align with the new requirements of 4th industrial revolution. This include restructuring of existing departments and the formation of new departments.

The MDC Alliance is taking advantage of the recent ruckus between the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and a cryptocurrency exchange in the country. This  must have been a stimulant to the Manifesto. Other African politicians could take a cue from this beyond making promises that remain largely unfulfilled. The Government of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda are already adopting the technology. We look forward to a time when beyond promises actions would accompany party manifestos.

What do you think about MDC Alliance Manifesto? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.
Image credit: pixabay
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