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Paxful’s Charity Initiative, #BuiltwithBitcoin to Fund Water Project in Rwanda



Paxful is spreading its wings across the world as the peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange recently announced its new charity initiative, #BuiltWithBitcoin. Paxful is moving forward with its charity and launching a water tank project in Rwanda and AnthemGold, a new member of the initiative will be in charge of it. Paxful will also build additional classrooms and provide resources for the Rwandan nursery school. Building the school was part of Paxful’s first #BuiltwithBitcoin project. So far, the project has awarded more than $15,000 scholarships to female Afghan refugees to help them pursue their careers in the United States.
Paxful’s #BuiltwithBitcoin project will have its beneficiaries selected by a partner of the project called Zam Zam. The winners will be selected based on essays they wrote. The essay is to describe the effect of migration, the difficulties they encountered while migrating to the U.S. the difficulties encountered while acquiring an education, blending into the American culture, building a career and taking care of a family as well. Some of the beneficiaries of the scholarship include Susan Naseri who is interested in social work and law. She explains, “As a recipient of the Zam Zam Water scholarship, I’d like to express endless gratitude and appreciation to Paxful and everyone involved in the donation process. Receiving this scholarship is not only an immense honor and privilege; it also eases my financial stress significantly. I’m beyond humbled and thankful for this scholarship; thank you eternally for helping me expand my education and fulfill my dreams.”
The project offered an initial scholarship  of $5,000 to the beneficiaries the scholarship was paid in two installments each of $2,500. Zam Zam Water who is already a partner with Paxful aims to  continue running the scholarship as an annual program. Also the duo will have an additional member to the #BuiltwithBitcoin initiative, as AnthemGold will be joining them as a partner. AnthemGold’s CEO, Anthem Hayek Blanchard said: “I am grateful to participate in a project that builds sustainable and essential projects for communities in need. We hope to use Zam Zam’s knowledge to provide people with the building blocks needed to foster and grow.” Paxful is really taking the African continent seriously as they announced that they will be building an Incubation Hub in Nigeria in May. The peer-to-peer exchange is also focusing on other crypto projects across africa.

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