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Amply Helps South African Early Childhood Centres Get Funds and Data



A UNICEF backed tech startup Amply is pioneering a funding project using the blockchain technology. Amply plans to revolutionize early childhood development in South Africa with the use of it’s platform, an application built on the ixo blockchain protocol. The Switzerland based ixo blockchain is a global project that is building the technology rails for the impact investment space and provide the creation of digital assets backed by verified impact data called Impact Tokens.
Amply is building a global shared ledger that would  enable early childhood development (ECD) centers record and verify pre-school attendance claims that are then exchanged for subsidies from the government of South Africa, bringing greater transparency and accountability to the funding process.
Amply aims to give every child a globally portable digital identity with records of their educational history and enables them to receive educational benefits they are entitled to. The pilot of the project began in 2016 and it is already changing the way parents register their kids for pre-school with more than 61,000 digital attendance records already created across 85 ECD centers in South Africa, especially in the Western Cape.
Teachers can also collect attendance data in a verified format through a mobile application. The verified attendance claim is tokenised and the tokens may be exchanged for government grants. Stakeholders such as the government, ECD centers, NGOs and other organisations can now  have access to verifiable data before allocating subsidiaries to those who claim to submit the data just to receive subsidies from the Department of Social Development. Amply plans to expand its reach across the country and provide verifiable ECD data to the stakeholders

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