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Why crypto education suffers in Nigeria; industry needs collaboration – Chris Ani



At the Digital Assets Summit hosted by SiBAN in Abuja, Nigeria, Chris Ani, the founder and CEO of Daba School, spoke during a panel session on the need for massive support for education, and collaboration in the Nigerian crypto ecosystem.

Recognizing the need for a coordinated approach, he noted that crypto stakeholders in Nigeria can join forces to fund initiatives that focus on research, development, education, and government advocacy, as each organization also gives attention internally, to these four aspects of the industry.

He noted that such a move can make it possible for Nigerian crypto industry players to build their own blockchain, similar to what Coinbase has done with its Base blockchain.

Why crypto education suffers

According to the Digital Abundance founder, the crypto scene in Nigeria has been vibrant, with a substantial user base actively engaging in digital asset transactions. However, the industry, especially exchanges, has often put more emphasis on facilitating these transactions, leaving a void in terms of comprehensive education.

One of the reasons for this education gap has been the complex terrain of the Nigerian crypto space. For example, it is hard to effectively operate a crypto exchange in a country that should first focus on its vision of making crypto transactions easier.

In the case where the primary purpose of these companies is not attained, it becomes harder to look at the aspect of education and awareness, thus, education suffers in the industry.

From PDFs to Daba School 

Chris also told the audience about his journey into the crypto space, which started as far back as 2016, when he embarked on a mission to educate the public. 

Armed with a PDF ebook he created on Bitcoin, he conducted seminars and distributed them for free around the country, sharing the transformative potential of cryptocurrencies.

As the demand for crypto knowledge grew, he founded Crypto Hub, an online platform that served as a digital space for Nigerians eager to explore the world of crypto and Bitcoin.

In 2018, Chris established his first blockchain hub in Lagos, providing a physical space for individuals to immerse themselves in blockchain technology. 

He said that the hub would play a pivotal role in shaping the vision for Digital Abundance (DABA) School, a platform dedicated to equipping people with the essential knowledge needed to navigate the crypto and tech space effectively.

Today, DABA School hosts a number of courses that teach young people about crypto and tech skills they can leverage to be part of the global tech ecosystem.

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