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El Salvador partners with NGO to teach Bitcoin in schools



In a groundbreaking partnership, the El Salvadoran Ministry of Education has teamed up with the nonprofit organization Mi Primer Bitcoin (MPB) to integrate Bitcoin education into the nation’s public school curriculum by 2024.

The blockchain education initiative aims to provide young El Salvadorans with essential knowledge and skills related to the digital currency revolution. 

El Salvador, a long-time proponent of blockchain technology with a primary focus on Bitcoin, aims to empower its young citizens with a foundational understanding of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, known as the first successful cryptocurrency built on the blockchain technology, was launched in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto (debated as either an individual or a group of persons). 

Since then, it has gained global attention, along with the launch of other blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Today, the crypto market is valued at over a trillion dollars.

John Dennehy, the founder of Mi Primer Bitcoin, confirmed this collaboration and noted that the Ministry of Education is leading this project, with crucial support from MPB and Bitcoin Beach.

Mi Primer Bitcoin, which translates to “My First Bitcoin” in English, is a nonprofit and nongovernmental organization (NGO) based in El Salvador. 

The organization is dedicated to promoting and educating people, especially students, about Bitcoin and its applications.

Bitcoin proficiency for students 

The program’s plan is that each student will receive a diploma after successfully going through it, symbolizing their proficiency in Bitcoin-related topics. 

John promised that MPB’s program would shape the curriculum’s content.

Furthermore, the report about the partnership reveals that the Bitcoin enlightenment program begins on September 7, with the launch of the pilot program, supported by Bitcoin Beach experts. 

In this initial phase, 150 public school teachers from 75 institutions will undergo intensive training to acquire a solid foundation in Bitcoin.

El Salvador leading the world in Bitcoin adoption 

John emphasized the significance of El Salvador’s Bitcoin education initiative, stating that the country’s adoption of Bitcoin sets an example for the world. 

He added that the program is a reflection of the importance of quality education in ensuring a positive impact.

Mi Primer noted that over 25,000 students have already learned about Bitcoin in classrooms. 

The organization’s ultimate mission is to extend Bitcoin education globally, with El Salvador leading the way and inspiring other nations to follow suit. 

In addition to this, El Salvador is the first nation to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender. On January 11, 2023, the nation’s lawmakers passed its first Bitcoin bond valued at $1billion into law. 

By August 2023, the returns on the bond rose to 70% drawing the interest of legacy agencies such as JP Morgan, Eaton Vance and PGIM Fixed.

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