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BeepPay System and technology Powers Global Empowerment Initiative as A POSt COVID-19 Economic Solution




Global Empowerment initiative (GEI) is an initiative that is focused on using the power of cooperative membership financing, with a long term benefit to be among the equity Master-Node shareholders of BMCT blockchain.

The goal of GEI is to support members in scaling up their social-economic warfare for business empowerment, education empowerment, and health empowerment.

Why Should I become a GEI member?

  • we offer our members a platform for networking
  • we provide world-class training focused on :
    personal development
    Financial intelligence.
  • We offer members the opportunity to enjoy a 100 years smart contract on a blockchain which rewards you with BMCT coins that support Global consumer loyalty.
  • An opportunity for all members who meet up with GEI reward conditions to receive between N 62500- 5m ( $150- $13,000 ) into Your BMCToken MasterCard.
  • opportunity to enjoy a car ownership reward bonus for all qualified members. GEI car bonus is valued @ 28 million naira which are awarded in 3 phases. 5m car bonus phase 1, 10 m car bonus phase 2 and 13 m car bonus phase 3.
  • Health Empowerment in product bonus as incentive open to members to redeem it’s value on GEI approved products ( sisibox ). sisibox offers members cash reward and BMCT coin loyalty for scanning the SISibox cashback voucher in the product.
  • International and local travel Adventure.
  • Real Estate property ownership.
  • Mind-blowing Discount for members across businesses powered by the Beepmagnet group.

According to the Country Director Mr CHINEDU CHARLES, The official Pre-Launch of GEI kicks off April 14th, 2020 which will run for 90 days, to end July 14th, 2020. This prelaunch opens the opportunity for 200 GEI members to qualify for an all-expense-paid International trip POST-COVID-19.

GEI is that platform that opens the opportunity for her qualified members to receive between N 62,500 to 5,000,000 naira just by fulfilling 2 membership Requirements:

  • Payment of membership trust commitment within 60 days of membership activation.
  • Recommend GEI visions and goals to 5 GEI members who desire to enjoy GEI empowerment.

The GEI membership also brings additional benefits which includes:

  • Affiliate cash commission
  • Earn BMCT coins which swap for BMCT Master Node Equity share, a 100 years smart Contract.
  • Earn product bonus which members can swap for Sisibox .
  • Earn car bonus which qualified members to receive car awards.
  • Become part of BMCT market makers by activating the GEI support package to receive the BMCT Master Node equity share.

In an interview with Dr. Gilead Okolonkwo CEO and Chairman Beepmagnet Group on this new initiative by Beeppay System and Technology, he said “This is just one of the proof of use of Blockchain technology. The Beepmagnet group in the last 5 years has been committed to this mission of using technology to solve problems. GEI will foster a lot of positive impact at this time the world is on lockdown.

With GEI, our members will be educated and trained on how to position themselves economically. GEI will also foster penetration and adoption of Beepmagnet Digital and blockchain-related services.

GEI to our members is work from Home, All they need to do is share GEI vision and Empowerment to others via online channel while holding on to social distancing. Beepmagnet Group through GEI will offer Financial Support to Innovative Africa Startups to grow their business and position the African continent not as a consumer of technology but also as a contributor in the technological space. One of the conditions of evaluation for these innovative startups is that the founders must be GEI members.

I am also very confident in the team behind this project with a combined experience of 30 years which gave birth to this “Child“. It is not easy to put this team together which focuses on one vision which is to empower and educate Africans on how to take their place in the economic evolution that is HERE.

After COVID-19; Unemployment will be on the increase, a lot of jobs will be lost, there will be a change in consumer shopping habits which will affect retails and new innovative businesses will be born.

GEI members will be prepared for this change through our online and offline training.

In summary, GEI will be the launch-pad for the adoption of a new consumer loyalty on the blockchain:

  • Short term benefits with daily affiliate rewards that members can withdraw into their local bank account for sharing the GEI ideology to others online.
  • Medium-term benefits which are associated with GEI empowerment that can be accessed in 90 to 150 days to our qualified members.
  • The long term benefits are associated with BMCT blockchain, an opportunity for members to swap BMCT earned coins to Equity share on the Master Node, which can be used as loyalty or trade on the exchanges BMCT coin is listed which are and

GEI will also provide the Launch of BeepPay dollar ( BPD) into the market, which is a stable token of the Beepmagnet group.

GEI members are already enjoying 10% of their cash wallet converted to BPD, which can be spent across Beepmagnet merchants or trade for fiat cash when we list BPD across major exchanges. BPD is USD backed 1BPD: 1 USD.

Visit the GEI website for more:


Press Release

BlueKey Utility Token (BKY) Gets Listed on CoinmarketCap



Novel blockchain platform, BlueKey has announced the listing of its native token (BKY) on CoinmarketCap. This represents another important step for the platform which provides visible utility and real-time use-case for the blockchain ecosystem.

Apart from being listed on CoinmarketCap, the BKY token is now also automatically visible on the TRUST WALLET. BKY users no longer need to go through intermediary tokens to extract value from their digital assets.

Using BKY to Disrupt Finance

Over the years blockchain technology has stirred up a lot of expectations as a solution that will improve most of our traditional processes. One area where blockchain disruption has made the most noise so far is in financial solutions. By enabling peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions, blockchain is eliminating a lot of bottlenecks that have limited the fintech industry.

With the evolution of e-commerce and payment solutions, effective P2P systems are becoming more popular. Despite this growth in the industry, real use case implementations are yet insufficient to the prevailing industrial needs. Therefore, the creation by BlueKey represents a major contribution to the financial solution and e-commerce sectors.

With primary focus on the African region, where there is a dire need for financial inclusiveness, BlueKey is solving a continental problem that could spread even beyond Africa. According to the founder of GalaxyChain Technologies, owners of BlueKey, Suanu Neenwi, the company aims at becoming a leader in Africa in the provision of key financial solutions using crypto. 

He says;

Our vision is to become Africa’s leading crypto-financial hub, with a mission to provide instant credit facilities to the user community backed by our native token(BKY) as collateral asset.

Bringing Life to Small Businesses

Credit accessibility is indeed a difficult terrain for the common man in Africa. This is one of the achilles heels that keeps holding back the continent from active development. The difficulty in accessing credit facilities has led to an almost non-existent small and medium scale industries. In the absence of capital, or inability to access credit facilities, small businesses have found it difficult to survive.

GalaxyChain, with its products have come to change this narrative and open up the industry for small businesses especially to thrive. Entrepreneurs and small business owners can now easily access credit facilities, using their BKY tokens as collateral. This eliminates the usually cumbersome processes of tedious paperwork and unachievable conditions in most cases from traditional banks.

Also within the ecosystem, on the BlueKey e-commerce platform, BKY provides a flexible and unified payment system for customers. This is a marketplace where you can perform all your transactions using the singular token, thereby saving yourself from the previously complicated processes associated with traditional e-commerce platforms. Users of BKY will no longer encounter cross-border payment complications such as exaggerated fees, delayed transactions, regional payment restrictions among other bottlenecks.

BlueKey Ecosystem

The Four Pillars of GalaxyChain

BlueKey’s financial ecosystem is being built on the Ethereum network, this will enable it to effectively serve all categories of users both in Africa and beyond. Using the BKY utility token which runs on the Ethereum network, BlueKey is able to offer financial inclusion via four main products:

  • GalaxyWallet 

This is a product that aims to solve critical banking issues. It is a solution that will enable financial inclusion and be beneficial especially to the unbanked and underbanked communities of the world. GalaxyWallet is available for download on GooglePlaystore.

BlueKey Galaxy Exchange

The GalaxyExchange is a solution that bridges the gap between the existing fiat-based economy and the emerging digital assets ecosystem. All crypto-fiat exchanges in the ecosystem are executed in a P2P manner at:

This is a blockchain-based loan solution, where customers can access instant loans. The solution introduces one of the internal use cases of the BKY token. It serves as a collateral for loan applications on

As mentioned above, the BlueKey e-commerce platform is a hub for entrepreneurs. It provides participants with a simplified opportunity of engaging in online businesses and creating wealth for themselves. Anyone from anywhere in the world can easily rent a virtual store and carry out their e-commerce on

Listing on CoinmarketCap is only one of the numerous fundamental requirements that has already been met by the BlueKey blockchain solution. Moreover, this is a timely solution that has come at a time when the world is evolving into remote operations. Owning and interacting with virtual stores is one aspect of life that is becoming a fundamental part of the human regiment.

BlueKey does not only offer an opportunity to own and operate a virtual store. It also provides all the necessary tools for a seamless transition between the existing traditional systems and the emerging world of digital operations. 

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Press Release

Yellow Card expands to South Africa and Botswana

As African cryptocurrency usage skyrockets, Yellow Card is meeting demand by allowing users to buy and sell Bitcoin in South Africa and Botswana



Yellow Card is officially going live with support for Botswana pula (BWP) and South African rand (ZAR) in order to meet the demand of the ever-expanding cryptocurrency markets across Africa.

Already popular in Nigeria, we’re now adding new currency support and expanding rapidly outside of West Africa, excited to bring the world of cryptocurrency to both the unbanked and the overcharged. As of Friday, we will be launching the following new features and initiatives:

  • The ability to buy and sell Bitcoin with multiple currencies including Botswana’s BWP and South Africa’s ZAR
  • Expansion to new locations outside of Nigeria, including Botswana where we will be the first and only exchange, and a continued drive to make buying and selling of Bitcoin using cash and bank transfer easy and affordable for all.

About Yellow Card: Yellow was founded by Chris Maurice and Justin Poiroux in 2016 with the intent to create a Bitcoin gift card. Then, in 2018, Chris and Justin met a man at a Wells Fargo who was trying to send $200 dollars to his family in Nigeria.

The bank charged him an unjust fee of 90$. We decided to undertake the mission of bringing Bitcoin to Africa with the objective of “financial inclusion for all”, and since then with the help of our partner Munachi Ogueke we’ve taken Nigeria by storm with 20,000+ merchants and over $25 million dollars in transactions. 

Yellow Card will soon become synonymous with cryptocurrency in Africa, as we provide access to people who have previously been left out of the crypto revolution. || @yellowcardio ||

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Press Release

NAIRX Trading Competition on NaijaCrypto: Deposit and Trade to Win NAIRX!



It is another opportunity to show-off those trading skills! Following the listing of NIRX on, we are announcing the first NIRX trading competition which will offer traders the chance to win 40,000NIRX.

The competition is open to all traders on Naijacrypto with registration commencing on the 9th of May.
To compete, traders must register on and fund their account with a minimum of 100 NIRX(?).

Trading will be done over a 10-day period, at the conclusion of which, traders will be ranked with respect to their accrued profit over the time-period. The ranking prizes are outlined below:

The NairaX project represents an innovative solution to two perplexing problems in the global e-commerce space: transaction costs and volatility. Global e-commerce platforms have essentially created a “re-sale niche” which privileges extensive supply networks that deliver goods through various mediums to the final consumer.

This highly inefficient and expensive model has led to narrowing profit-margins and increased cost for both SMEs and consumers. The NairaX project offers a unique solution to this problem with an e-commerce model which leverages blockchain technology to significantly reduce arbitrage across various markets.

The volatility problem is a particularly sensitive one for SMEs which rely on stable forex markets for exchange of goods and services up and downstream the supply-chain.

The scale of the problem is graphically captured by the NGN-USD price chart. Inflationary policies, market forces and slump in oil-prices have all contributed to a relatively volatile naira which in turn has led to market-price inflations and now poses an existential threat to Nigerian SMEs.

NairaX proposes a solution to this problem with the NAIRX which is usable for e-commerce transactions (unlike traditional stable-coins) whilst maintain its fixed-ratio peg to the naira backed by NairaX’s in-house fiat reserves.

As evidenced by its performance from 2016 through 2020, the naira has endured an annual slump for the 5th consecutive year, thus underlining the necessity for businesses to adopt smart fiscal solutions to hedge against incessant depreciations. A fiat-pegged stable-coin, NIRX offers merchants and SMEs a medium of transaction protected from both fiat and crypto market volatilities.

The Naijacrypto Factor
In keeping with our long-held vision, Naijacrypto continues to support smart innovative projects across the African Fintech space and beyond.

Fostering strategic partnerships and relationships domestically and internationally remain key objectives on our agenda as we continue to promote ideals consistent with our core philosophy.

As Nigeria’s premier cryptocurrency exchange, the development of a transparent and competitive market which meets emerging challenges is both an organizational goal as well as a prerequisite for achieving sustainable development.

As we continue to strive to meet the needs of our community, we lay emphasis on unique partnerships which offer our users opportunities to exploit new solutions to lingering market problems. The NairaX project fills an important void in the global e-commerce space.

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Press Release

Dash partners with AnkerPay, South African cryptocurrency ATM and PoS provider, to grow ecosystem in Sub Saharan Africa

AnkerPay in South Africa has rolled out ATMs in the country as well as payment processing services and machines to offer merchants and users a state of the art user experience.



Phoenix — May 4, 2020 — Dash, the top digital currency for payments and e-commerce, announced it has partnered with AnkerPay, a South African based cryptocurrency payments and ATM company. 

With a growing network of ATMs, PoS systems, online payments processing, and a user-friendly wallet that connects with their entire ecosystem, AnkerPay provides the Dash network with the full ecosystem ready to implement across Sub-Saharan Africa.

AnkerPay has also made the strategic decision to integrate InstantSend, one of Dash’s key features, which completes all transactions on the network within two seconds, including settlement, which means the funds can be re-spent immediately.

This will enhance the user experience when purchasing goods or services. Transactions are converted into local national currency giving the merchant the ability to continue to accept Dash payments without the risk of volatility.

Users in South Africa can now purchase or sell Dash through their ATMs or wallets and spend it at participating merchants in the country. Users can also purchase goods and services online with Dash.

The largest use case the partners will be developing together are remittances to South Africa (and other regional markets) from the U.K. and Europe. 

Remittances in the continent currently face high-fees and can take several days depending on the method of transfer. With Dash’s InstantSend and a number of different ways to cash-out, a user can receive their Dash and convert it into the local currency in the method they prefer.

As the country has a healthy mix of digital and cash payments, AnkerPay’s solution shows significant promise to grow both in the country and across the continent.

Many have pointed to markets in Sub-Saharan Africa, as having many clear use cases and advantages for cryptocurrency to solve inefficiencies and lower costs around remittances and payments.

However, few major cryptocurrency projects have worked on adoption there due to a number of reasons, including the difficulties in navigating the complexities within the continent.

Dash’s DAO model enables local teams to support the network, which enables a global-local approach in market entry and growth. 

Today, Dash has earned a reputation for the success it has seen in Venezuela as it is the most used cryptocurrency for payments. Similarly, Dash Core Group and AnkerPay will be working with Dash Nigeria, the largest community run organization in Sub Saharan Africa to help grow merchant and user adoption of AnkerPay and Dash across South Africa initially, then Western Africa.

This is a big step for Dash,” said Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group. “The partnership with AnkerPay provides Dash a ready-to-go scaleable ecosystem to expand our presence in South Africa and soon after, the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa. Ankerpay is providing its users with the best possible Dash experience, using InstantSend to quickly complete purchases. Their solution makes it easy for merchants to accept Dash while reserving the option to receive fiat. Dash has thrived in complex markets where our technology and strategies help address payments and remittance issues.”

This is an important leap for Dash users in South Africa and an even more substantial step for regular people,” Les Vorster said. “Not only will people be able to pay for goods and services but they’ll have access to purchasing Dash directly, circumventing the need for traditional banking infrastructure, a game-changer for the millions of marginalized unbanked. Something unimaginable not too long ago,” Les added.

About Dash

Dash is digital cash designed to offer financial freedom to everyone. Dash allows millions of individuals across the globe to carry out instantly re-spendable and secure transactions, with near-zero fees.

Built to support real-life use cases, Dash is the leading decentralized payment solution: it is accepted at over 4,900 merchants globally, accessible via 1,600+ ATMs and 100+ exchanges worldwide.

Dash has pioneered groundbreaking features including:two-tier network with incentivized nodes and decentralized project governance (Masternodes), instantly settled payments (InstantSend), instantly immutable blockchain (ChainLocks) and more. 

The Dash Network’s development is supported by Dash Core Group, the largest organization funded by the Dash Treasury, which supports and nurtures the continued worldwide development and integration of Dash. For more information, visit or follow the organization on Twitter @DashPay.

About AnkerPay

AnkerPay has a number of adoption based software and hardware solutions that enable crypto-based utilization for merchants, users and corporations.

AnkerPay’s unique approach brings functionality and interoperability to the marketplace with its main focus being Sub-Saharan Africa and other developing countries giving the unbanked access to the infrastructure needed to access cryptocurrencies.

The AnkerPay ecosystem provides a range of products and services that are a perfect fit for individuals, small or large businesses looking to accept or integrate cryptocurrencies.

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