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Africa Blockchain Conference Set to Hold in Uganda



Uganda is set to host the “African Blockchain Conference” in Kampala. Uganda, which is one of the East African countries that is representing Africa in the blockchain space.

The Conference which is scheduled to hold on May 23 and 24 is massively supported by the Ugandan Government in Kampala at the Kampala Serena Hotel. The conference, which is scheduled to host policymakers, leaders in Industry, academia, youth, entrepreneurs and blockchain enthusiasts. is themed: “The role of Blockchain Technology in Africa’s transformation.”

The Blockchain Conference which was made possible by the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, Stanbic Bank, and Binance Foundation is the backbone for the event.

Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger platform that allows creation and management of decentralized systems and processes, which enhance efficiency and transparency of transactions across institutional or business operations. Blockchain Technology, also described as the ‘technology of trust’ is disrupting and redefining traditional governance and business models across the world from the way information is created, managed and shared to the way products and services are delivered.


Chairman of the Blockchain Association of Uganda, Kwame Rugunda made remarks on the need to change Africa’s lag in innovation while addressing the journalists at the Association offices at the Nakawa Business Park. He also corroborated the remarks made by the President Yoweri Museveni regarding the need to change Africa’s lag in innovation. While addressing delegates at the World Customs Organization Conference in March 2018, President Museveni told delegates that Africa has largely missed out on the industrial revolution, but however stressed that Africa should not be left out in the current digitalization process going on. Stating that Africa is entering the digital revolution and that “Africa will not miss out again!”

While reiterating these same remarks, Kwame Rugunda, explained that:
“Africa is at the right time to adopt this technology. “We have already seen glimpses into how it is disrupting traditional models in areas such as finance, procurement, insurance, health, identity management, contracts, governance, to mention but a few. Now is the right time to engage with this novel technology, because each wave of technology presents a profound opportunity, particularly for the early adopters,” he said.

The goal of the conference is to drive engagement from both the public and private sectors of the economy by sharing ideas and understanding how things are done to speed up the adoption process and also focusing on how to build a blockchain eco-system and position ourselves to be a part of the global discussion.

The conference panellist which will comprise of stakeholders who will be building a case for the adoption of blockchain technology in Uganda and in Africa. The topic of discussion will include governance, regulation and policy, cryptocurrencies and digital assets, cybersecurity, innovation and technology, risk and investment opportunities among others and the speakers would majorly be from the African continent.

Some of the immediate benefits of using blockchain include enhanced efficiencies with greater transparency and accountability in our business and governance systems which are key factors in enabling Uganda to become an investment destination, and catapulting our economic growth” Rugunda noted.

We are actively engaged in the discussions on blockchain and have collaborated with different stakeholders to ensure we have the right information to advance our agenda as government,” The Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, Vincent Bagiire affirmed.

The government is keen on embracing the technology because the government recognizes the growing trends in the technology sector and is positioning itself to be at the forefront so as to take advantage of these opportunities. The blockchain conference would focus on showcasing the relevant and different use cases in different sectors to demonstrate the value and importance of blockchain technology.

According to Stanbic Bank Head of Information Technology, Herbert Olowo, “Blockchain technology offers lots of benefits to the overall development and transformation of Africa and more importantly of Uganda. At a very high level, it will play a large role in improving operational efficiency both in the private and the public sector.”

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Altcoin News

Market Retraces its Steps after Opening the Week with Green across the Market.



The first day of the week just three days ago opened the week to a wide spread gains across the cryptocurrency market with Tron reporting the highest gains of over 9%. Today opens with significant losses that have wiped out the gains made in opening day of the week. Bitcoin is currently trading at a loss of 11.01% as at press time standing at $11,503. Total market capitalization sits at a $313 billion. Opening day of the week, it was at $327 billion

The second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization Ethereum is trading at $271 which is over $30 lower than its week opening price. It is currently reporting 11.94% loss. XRP of Ripple is trading at a negative of 15.79% as Litecoin is also a little below standing at loss of 14.59%. The price of XRP stands at $0.33 while Litecoin is just over $100.

Tron which recorded the highest gains in the opening day of the week is reporting an astonishing 16.56% loss with Bitcoin SV, the embattled Bitcoin fork showing 18.56% in red. Top loser on today is EOS which is trading at $4.66 with a market capitilization of $3.9 billion but suffering a loss of 20.13%. Bitcoin cash is at 18.48% red trading at $339.29.

Tether the stablecoin positioned at number 8 by marketcap is stable at $1 but reports a 0.06% red which should be normal as it is of course a stable coin.

The industry continues at grow and thrive with the reported achievements of Blockstack to conduct a SEC compliant token sales, the market normally responds favorably to such news. While its is normal for the market to step back a bit after an upward surge, could this be the result of the 7300s BTC dumped on Binance?

We can only look at the charts and open our ears to hear positive news. And by the way, Bitcoin has increased in dominance to 65.4% as against its week opening dominance of 62.1%.

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Second Week of July opens with Green across CryptoMarket, Nigeria’s Crypto Trend for the First week of July, 2019



Its 9am WAT, the first day of the second week of July, 2019. Cryptocurrency market stands at a salutary market capitalization of 327 billion dollars with Bitcoin dominating at 62.1%.

The new week opens with cryptocurrency at an eye grabbing and mouth watering market capitalization with Bitcoin as usual taking the lead at 4.1 million naira ($11429) at market capitalization of 73 Trillion naira ($203 billion). At its dominance, Bitcoin is over x6 of Ethereum marketcap standing at $32 billion. Ethereum is reporting an increase of 6.34% as against Bitcoin which stands at a 1.93% on 24hour changes.

Ethereum is currently trading at over $300 which was unlike this time the previous week where it was below the $300 mark. XRP currently reports a 0.01% Red indicative of a minor loss the third largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Litecoin shows less that 1% gain as against bitcoin cash which reports 1.36%.

Least of the top ten cryptocurrency reporting gains is the embattled BitcoinSV with a 0.25%. Binance Coin, EOS shows over 2% increase while top gainer on this opening day is Tron wit a 9.26% rise.

With Cryptocurrency sweeping across the world, Africa is trying to move with the flow though efforts has been somewhat not meeting expectations of enthusiast. Nigeria being the populous black nation on the planet and the Giant of Africa, host a thriving population which owing to the losing faith in the Naira and the desire to exploit every avenue of self betterment, the drive into cryptocurrency has since been seeing great thrust.

According to Google Trends over the month of July 2019, the search for Bitcoin has seen a spread across the state especially the south of nigeria known to be rich in natural resources. Ekiti State of the Yoruba people tops the chart as top searches of the keyword BITCOIN.

Next is Delta State which is an oil filled state. Osun state takes the third position with Ondo being the fourth while Bayelsa neighbouring to Delta state the fifth position. Enugu, Edo, Ogun, Ebonyi, Anambra follows after.

The desire to know about cryptocurrency and blockchain is reflected on the rising search topics on Google with “Public-Key cryptography” talking lead. Play and earn is not left out of the mix as free bitcoin for video game stands at +70% as a rising search topic. “Key” as a topic is posiitoned at +60% and rising.

As cryptocurrency and blockchain continue to create avenues of making life easier via adoption, the most populous black nation on earth though its government has not expressed open interest in the technology, the citizenry are not stepping into the shadows. They are taking on the initiative in driving the growth of the technology and adoption and innovation.

The numbers of Shows, Conferences, Seminars, Tour etc going on in the country is testament to this fact. We can only hope the interest continues climbing till it gets to those in authority to bring full legitimacy to the operations of cryptocurrency in the Country. Our eyes will always be on the chat. Happy New Week, there is green everywhere.

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Trouble Looming for Bitcoin with Stocks Plunge?



Trouble Looming for "risk-on" Assets with Stocks Plunge?

Could bitcoin and other “risk-on” assets be open to a possible plunge alongside the traditional stock market?

With what is happening in the stock market, inferences could easily be drawn that social media (tweets particularly), not only affect the traditional markets but also has real-time effects on digital assets. With a recent revelation from the United States president-Donald Trump, where he makes plans to increase the tariffs on Chinese-made commodities from 10% to 25% in a few days time, global assets like stocks and bitcoin BTC, recorded a minus in the market.

Bitcoin Records Slight Dip with Trumps Chinese Tariff Statements.

While many will argue that President Trump’s intentions had a good possible economic result, the stock market took the news quite badly. As at 1 pm today, Futures for the S&p 500 were 1.75% down and this would invariably mean an open red. More so, as of the time of compiling this article, there exists a whopping drop for the SSE Composite Index of about 5.35%, which means the loss of billions of dollars in less than 24 hours.

Just as we mentioned earlier, bitcoin also recorded some losses alongside its counterparts in the traditional exchanges. this was pointed out by a crypto trader who saw this trend as the Monday Asian market opened. In this trading path, BTC fell in indicating a negative reaction to the tariff threat of the U.S. President.
If we argue that BTC price loss could be coincidental, we might also need to take a look at a similar situation where BTC lost almost the same value to the Hang Sang withing the same time frame. This is yet another proof to show that though BTC is sadly still vulnerable, it also now responds to market forces.

More insights show that cryptocurrencies are risk-on and this means that investors in these areas are particularly interested in markets trending higher.

Bitcoin To Become Safe Heaven As Digital Gold

From all the information provided above, it is clear that bitcoin maybe conforming to traditional markets’ risk-on assets after all.
Many might not have heard already, but bitcoin, alongside all other cryptocurrencies, have been disregarded an in fact touted as an uncorrelated asset. Check this out in the CNBC interview a few months ago where Anthony Pompliano of Morgan Creek mentioned that the correlation between BTC and the S&P (SPX) was practically non-existent. A confirmation was put forth by Three Arrows Capital’s Su Zhu, showing that given “high prices and low prices, high volatility and low volatility, the correlation between the aforementioned assets is still near-zero.

All of the correlations confirmed this Monday, have gone to validate the John Normand theory that gold remains a better safe haven or hedge against downturns than Bitcoin. John is the Head of JP Morgans’s cross-asset management arm.

According to optimists, Max Keiser’s explanation of a possible break-even for the digital asset class is a thread strong enough to hold onto. Max is of the opinion that BTC will eventually become a “risk-off” asset, hinting at a few characteristics that make it a form tradeable money.
Amongst many reasons for his belief are that BTC is a non-sovereign, decentralized, censorship-resistant and easily- transferable asset that is deliberately scarce and is not controlled by the whims of central banks and the various existing financial institutions.

The market and consumers alike may need a bit of a nudge in the right direction to truly comprehend this fact, and this is predicted to come from the impending financial crisis which experts say is much around the corner.

Have your say in our comments section below.

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Altcoin News

Fructus Integrating Bancor Protocol to Provide Continuous Token Liquidity



Fructus has announced its integration of the Bancor Protocol to provide continuous liquidity for the Fructus platform.


By integrating the Bancor Protocol, Fructus token holders will gain access to continuous liquidity regardless of trade volume or exchange listings, through the Bancor Network, where any integrated token can be automatically converted to any other directly from the Bancor Wallet or any Web3 wallet, such as MetaMask


The Fructus Token will become instantly convertible with ETH, EOS, BNT (the Bancor Network Token), GNO (Gnosis), BNB (Binance) and more than 130+ ERC20 and EOS-based tokens in the Bancor Network.



Fructus is aiming to change the business of fresh produce trade and delivery. Starting in the diverse agricultural landscape of Europe, we see an opportunity to scale and change the world



About Fructus

We believe we can solve global problems regarding fruit and vegetables. Big problems concerning products being GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organism) or 100% organic, expiration date fraud and food waste.



The way we solve these problems is by making the supply chain for fruit and vegetables transparent.


All transactions are processed and registered in the blockchain, giving all parties involved the ability to keep track of products and payments. Customers can see where products are coming from and what was used to help grow the crop. Suppliers can find customers connect without a grocery store in between, keeping products clean and fresh and reducing the food waste.



Together we can make a difference, so join the Fructus Community and support Fructus.

Visit Fructus to know more about the fruit-safety blockchain project.


About Bancor

Bancor is the world’s largest decentralized liquidity network. Bancor functions similar to a decentralized exchange, with a key difference: orders are processed against automated smart contracts on the blockchain, instead of matching two parties in a trade. Any project can easily integrate their token by creating a Relay on the Bancor Network to automate fair and efficient token conversions for users, directly from their wallets. Tokens on Bancor are instantly convertible for one another, with 8000+ trading pairs across ETH, EOS, DAI, BNB & more.

Bancor technologies impact organizations and people across the globe, from blockchain teams to token holders to real-world communities in Africa, Asia and beyond. Visit the Bancor Web  to convert tokens instantly, list your token on the Bancor Network or join the Bancor Telegram group for more information.


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