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Adsgram, a native Telegram advertising platform launches on TON



Adsgram, a native Telegram ad system, launches on TON, seamlessly integrating ads into the platform. What exactly is Adsgram?

In a move to bolster the monetization capabilities within the Telegram ecosystem, TON has introduced Adsgram, a native advertising platform for Telegram. 

The brainchild behind Adsgram is Vadim Sterlin, who also co-founder of the popular Telegram-based game Fanton Fantasy Football (@FanTonGameBot). Vadim was driven by the monetization challenges he faced with his Fanton game, highlighting the broader struggle within the GameFi sector on Telegram and the TON network.

Vadim, an experienced Adtech product manager, noted earlier this year in the Adsgram community that there were limited avenues for publishers to earn money through advertising. 

The primary method available was direct ad sales, a constraint that hampered the growth and sustainability of the GameFi sector on Telegram and TON. This realization spurred him to develop Adsgram, aiming to create a more dynamic and profitable advertising ecosystem.

The development of Adsgram garnered support from the TON Foundation, which awarded the project a $50,000 grant to create its Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

By early April, Adsgram launched its alpha-beta version, integrating the first advertisements within the Fanton Fantasy Football Telegram bot game. 

The initial success led to the open beta launch on May 1st, expanding Adsgram’s integration to another Telegram-based game, ClickARBUZ.

To accelerate its adoption, Adsgram issued a call to gamers and publishers, incentivizing them to join the platform. The initiative offered $1,000 in cash for referrals that resulted in 200,000 ad impressions, underscoring Adsgram’s commitment to fostering a vibrant advertising ecosystem on Telegram.

“Know a gaming team who works on a game inside Telegram? Refer them to us, and when they hit 200K ad impressions, we’ll pay you $1000 in cash!”

In early June, Adsgram received a significant boost through an investment from, a Telegram Ads agency. 

This investment is expected to infuse new energy into the Telegram and TON ecosystem, providing opportunities for independent game developers to monetize their traffic effectively.

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By mid-June, Adsgram expanded its advertising formats, introducing static ads in addition to the existing video formats. The platform now offers a variety of ad formats, including 15-second video ads, static banners, and upcoming channel subscriptions. 

Adsgram’s advanced targeting capabilities allow advertisers to reach specific user segments based on Telegram Premium subscriptions, device types, platforms, geographies, and languages.

Adsgram operates on a Cost Per Mille (CPM) payment model and provides comprehensive tracking metrics such as Click-Through Rate (CTR), Cost Per Mille (CPM), conversions, and fill rates. This robust feature set positions Adsgram as a competitive advertising solution within the Telegram ecosystem.

The introduction of Adsgram is significant for the TON network, which, while not yet matching the scale of blockchain giants like Ethereum or BNB Chain, is rapidly expanding.

Its close integration with Telegram’s extensive user base gives TON a unique advantage and the potential to become a leading blockchain contender.

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