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Tonkeeper introduces gasless USDT and Notcoin transfers



Tonkeeper launches gasless USDT and Notcoin transfers, offering faster, cheaper transactions with fees paid directly from the USDT balance.

Tonkeeper has introduced gasless transfer for USDT and Notcoin, a feature that could to redefine cryptocurrency transactions considering the large and growing users within the Telegram community. A month ago, Tonkeeper unveiled the Tonkeeper Battery, a feature that covers transaction fees when an account’s TON balance is zero. 

This solution enables users to make payments, staking, swaps, and perform other activities with any tokens and NFTs without worrying about transaction fees. In just one month, the Tonkeeper Battery has facilitated nearly one million transactions, covering over $100,000 in fees according to Tonkeeper.

As a step forward, it has now introduced gasless payments in USDT. This new feature allows users to make transactions without the need to charge the Battery, as the transaction fees are directly deducted from the USDT balance. 

This makes USDT transfers in Tonkeeper not only faster but also more cost-effective compared to other wallets. Specifically, gasless USDT transfers in Tonkeeper are twice as fast and 1.5 times cheaper than those in any other wallet on the market.

Gasless USDT transfers in Tonkeeper work 2x faster and 1.5x cheaper than in any other wallet.

According to TON-based wallet provider, Tonkeeper, this was made possible by a new wallet architecture known as W5, an open wallet standard developed by the Tonkeeper team to replace the existing version 4 standard. W5 is designed to improve transaction efficiency and reduce costs, providing users with a superior transaction experience. 

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W5 is available in beta release on both iOS and Android platforms, allowing users to experience these benefits firsthand.

The introduction of gasless USDT and Notcoin transfers underscores Tonkeeper’s commitment to innovation and user-centric solutions in the cryptocurrency industry. Tonkeeper is addressing one of the major pain points for crypto users—transaction fees—using W5, making digital currency transactions more accessible and user-friendly. 

The new feature is expected to attract a broader audience to the Tonkeeper platform, including those who may have hesitated to engage in crypto transactions due to high fees.

With W5, Tonkeeper is transforming the user experience and also paving the way for broader acceptance and integration of cryptocurrencies in everyday financial activities.

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