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Catizen plans to evolve from single game to multi-gaming hub



Catizen’s ambitious new strategy aims to transform from a single game offering to a comprehensive multi-gaming hub, enhancing user experience.
  • Catizen will evolve into a multi-gaming center with over 200 games
  • Catizen plans to launch a game engine for Telegram Mini Apps.
  • Catizen donates 1% of its revenue to support stray cats.
  • A major airdrop is scheduled for July.

It is 2024, and the burgeoning sector of Web3 gaming is creating significant buzz. Web3 games not only entertain but also offer gamers the chance to earn crypto tokens. 

This combination of fun and financial incentives has propelled several Web3 gaming projects to valuations exceeding a billion dollars, signaling immense potential. 

Among the recent developments, the entry of Telegram and The Open Network (TON) into the Web3 gaming arena stands out, promising a new era of interactive and accessible blockchain-based gaming.

Their Mini App infrastructure simplifies accessing and playing crypto games while seamlessly integrating blockchain connectivity, setting them apart in the crowded blockchain landscape.

One notable game leveraging this infrastructure is Catizen, a Telegram-based game that allows users to earn while playing. Described by its creators as a “treasure hunt for tokens in the Meow Universe,” Catizen has quickly captured the attention of gamers and blockchain enthusiasts alike.

Despite its recent entry into the market, Catizen has demonstrated remarkable growth. According to a recent report from Catizen, the project has completed the first two phases of its five-phase roadmap, which included the launch of the Mini Game and the Launchpool.

In just 3 months, Catizen has amassed over 23 million users, with 3.4 million daily active users and 1.3 million on-chain users. Additionally, the game has recorded 14.2 million on-chain transactions, reflecting robust activity, and attracted over 170,000 participants in its launchpool.

Catizen’s success is further evidenced by its consistent top rankings in the TON Open League seasons. Beyond its impressive metrics, Catizen is also committed to philanthropy, donating 1% of its total revenue to non-profit organizations that support stray cats.

The road ahead: multi-gaming center and airdrop

Looking ahead, Catizen has ambitious plans to evolve from a single mini-game into a multi-gaming center featuring over 200 games. This bold vision aims to unite more than 100 million players under one platform. 

Central to this strategy is the launch of a game engine specifically designed for Telegram Mini Apps. This engine will offer a one-stop service, enabling H5 game developers to access an SDK and launch their games on Telegram with a single click.

In addition to expanding its game offerings, Catizen will soon open its Launchpool to other projects, further enhancing its ecosystem. A major milestone is also on the horizon with Catizen’s upcoming airdrop, scheduled for July, which the company describes as its most significant event to date.

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The introduction of this game engine technology is poised to be a game-changer for the Telegram and TON ecosystem. It will provide developers with the tools to launch thousands of games, offering users a diverse array of gaming experiences.

The Web3 gaming revolution

Web3 gaming is rapidly evolving, offering unique opportunities for both players and developers. The sector’s potential is underscored by the significant market capitalizations of leading projects and the continuous influx of new participants.

Telegram and TON’s foray into this space, exemplified by Catizen, is a testament to the transformative potential of blockchain technology in gaming.

The appeal of Web3 games lies in their ability to blend entertainment with economic incentives. Players can enjoy engaging and interactive games while earning crypto tokens, creating a symbiotic relationship between gameplay and financial rewards.

This model has proven to be highly attractive, driving rapid adoption and growth in the sector.

The unique position of Catizen in the sector

Catizen’s success story is a microcosm of the broader trends in Web3 gaming. Its rapid growth, high engagement, and philanthropic initiatives highlight the multifaceted appeal of these games.

The planned expansion into a multi-gaming center with a dedicated game engine reflects Catizen’s commitment to innovation and growth.

The anticipated airdrop and the opening of the Launchpool to other projects are strategic moves aimed at fostering a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem.

By providing developers with the tools and platform to create and launch new games, Catizen is positioning itself as a central hub in the Web3 gaming landscape.

The rise of Web3 games like Catizen, supported by platforms like Telegram and TON, signifies a new era of interactive and rewarding gaming experiences.

As the sector grows, the fusion of entertainment and financial incentives will likely continue to drive adoption and innovation, transforming the gaming landscape in the process.


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