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UN partners with Hedera and Envision for blockchain-based carbon data marketplace



In a significant move to combat climate change, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Changee (UNFCCC) has approved a collaborative initiative involving Hedera Hashgraph, Envision blockchain, and Swirlds Labs

The trio is set to construct a cutting-edge carbon data platform on the blockchain to revolutionize the fight against climate change.

The joint project, known as Guardian and Managed Guardian Service, represents a breakthrough in digital measurement, reporting, and verification within carbon markets. 

Leveraging Hedera’s blockchain and its native token, HBAR, the platform enhances transparency and data accessibility in carbon market activities, eliminating the need for centralized intermediaries.

The Hedera Guardian is positioned as the leading platform for digitized and digital measurement, reporting, and verification (dMRV) within the carbon markets.

Envision Blockchain Solutions is a company that builds applications for the Web3 space. Its mission is to reshape and align today’s systems, allowing organizations to recognize the new value in tomorrow’s Industry Vertical Solutions. 

They provide innovative services such as UI/UX, Tokenization, Zero-Knowledge Proofs, Decentralized ID, and Smart Contracts to help clients go from Use Case Ideation to Development and production Deployments.

Swirlds Labs is a company that specializes in the development and support of the Hedera network. The Hedera network is an enterprise-grade public ledger designed for the decentralized economy. 

The company’s mission is to accelerate the future built on Hedera, with a vision to enable ‘Shared Worlds’ where individuals can come together, collaborate, engage in commerce, and maintain control over their online presence. 

Swirlds Labs is dedicated to building community and enterprise solutions that facilitate the rapid adoption of Hedera network services. Additionally, they actively cultivate ‘moonshot’ projects that have the potential to revolutionize human and organizational interactions.

Massamba Thioye, the Project Executive at the UNFCCC’s Global Innovation Hub, describes this project as a significant step towards streamlining and digitizing climate change mitigation methodologies.

Through a collaborative effort, 15 new methodologies have been introduced to an already extensive library of digitized and open-source methodology. 

Notably, The Guardian and Managed Guardian Service offer advanced search features, revolutionizing the search functionality for project data.

This development allows users to access a wealth of environmental methodologies, including those from the UNFCCC’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Methodology library.

Wes Geisenberger, the VP of Sustainability & ESG at HBAR Foundation, lauds the project’s potential. He highlights the addition of 15 methodologies to the digitized library and the groundbreaking search features, which provide easily accessible project information and foster new possibilities for innovation.

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