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HBAR Foundation announces sponsorship for the SBS Hackathon



The Hedera ecosystem foundation, HBAR Foundation has announced the launch of a virtual hackathon targeted at building a sustainable Blockchain through Regenerative Finance (ReFi). It is a Filecoin and IPFS-powered hackathon for the Sustainable Blockchain Submit Boston. It is a call for “developers to build new solutions at the intersection of web3 and the environment.” The hackathon will accommodate developers at the student level as well.

HBAR foundation is sponsoring the hackathon alongside Climate Collective, Filecoingreen, and HYPHEN. Participants will have access to leverage open-source infrastructure like the Envision Blockchain with Hedera Guardian and the Filecoin Virtual machine among others.

Developers would choose to build on the Hedera Guardian will receive help from HBAR Foundation and Swirlds Labs. Guardian is an open-source tool that leverages the Hedera distributed ledger network to mint emissions and carbon offset.

SBS Boston Hackathon Prize pool and rewards

The SBS Hackathon is a public hackathon with a prize pool of $35,500 and no compulsory coding experience.

HBAR added that the foundation will be awarding up to $17,500 for participants who meet certain criteria like 

  • The best new Guardian open-source Methodology on Hedera. 
  • Second place for a new Guardian open-source Methodology on Hedera.
  • Guardian ecosystem tooling

Additionally, sustainability enthusiasts, web3 developers, and those interested in the hackathon who can spread awareness of the Hedera Guardian and ReFi ecosystem using different social media platforms will be rewarded. Also to be rewarded would be Outstanding blogs, Twitter threads, videos, and other content aimed at awareness. However, there are terms of entry. The SBS Boston Hackathon details: who can participate, how to join and more can be found here.

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