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CEO unveils SolanaFM Solana-based block explorer at Breakpoint 2023



At Breakpoint 2023, Nicholas Chen, Co-founder and CEO of SolanaFM, made an exciting announcement. He introduced the audience to SolanaFM as a game-changing explorer, set to redefine performance and elevate user experience.

SolanaFM, a block explorer and indexing service for the Solana blockchain, empowers users to delve into the intricacies of the Solana ecosystem through advanced analytics and indexing capabilities. Renowned for its Quantum Explorer, SolanaFM pioneers user-friendly solutions and in-depth analytics for the Solana blockchain.

Block explorers are essential tools in the Web3 ecosystem as they allow users to explore and analyze on-chain data for a particular blockchain network. 

They provide a transparent view of the blockchain network, allowing users to view all transactions and track their status, which promotes greater transparency and accessibility in the blockchain network. 

Updates added to SolanaFM

When compared with other block explorers, Nicholas explained to the audience that the emphasis on speed and power has always been a priority for SolanaFM, and the team is proud to announce a major interface redesign.

The new look is cleaner, more minimalist, and offers a user-friendly experience. The home page has been simplified, removing unnecessary elements, and the overall design has taken a leap towards a more modern and intuitive interface.

Additionally, Nicholas mentioned that SolanaFM introduces a revamped transaction flow that simplifies the view by merging edges and creating a cleaner, more compact representation. This new approach utilizes symmetric directed graphs, providing users with a straightforward understanding of complex transactions.

SolanaFM is addressing a major gap in the Solana ecosystem with the introduction of a dedicated Validators page. This new feature indexes all delegators for a specific validator and provides tools to easily view and retrieve rewards. The goal is to enhance the overall coverage and exposure for validators.


Furthermore, SolanaFM has made significant improvements to the transactions section, which is one of the most frequently visited pages in the explorer. The CEO announced the introduction of a new transaction flow, a refined way of interpreting instructions, and the innovative concept of transaction headers. These headers offer a concise summary of the transaction, presenting essential details in a compact space.

Improved account Views, performance boost, and more

SolanaFM introduces several noteworthy additions. One of these enhancements is the reimagination of account views, which are now categorized for improved readability and scalability. The overview of wallet accounts now includes stake accounts, domains, transfers, NFTs, tokens, and transactions. Additionally, a quick view feature has been implemented, allowing users to hover over hashes for transaction summaries.

In response to the challenges faced by existing explorers, SolanaFM aims to address performance and coverage issues. The Quantum Explorer boasts loading speeds up to 10 times faster, multiplexing capabilities across multiple RPC providers, and extensive coverage of various parsers within the Solana infrastructure. 

With an innovative ideal-based parsing approach, support for on-chain programs is provided quickly.

One particularly notable feature introduced by SolanaFM is the ability to view transfers in a time-range format. This unprecedented functionality greatly simplifies transfer tracking for tax purposes, making it an invaluable tool for users navigating the complexities of financial reporting.

Finally, he called on interested users to secure an invite by scanning the provided QR code and submitting their email as SolanaFM is set for an exclusive launch.

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