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Moonsama unveils game-changing innovations in the NFT world



The CEO of Moonsama, Oriol Pujoldevall, revealed the company’s latest upgrades to its protocol designed to transform the world of NFTs. 

Following the celebration of its second anniversary, the CEO at Polkadot’s Sub0 explained, with a live demo, how Moonsama wants to help builders overcome common obstacles faced in the NFT space.

While NFTs have gained immense popularity in various sectors, many projects struggle to deliver the promised utility. 

Moonsama is determined to change this narrative by offering utility right from the beginning. Rather than vague promises in a roadmap, Moonsama aims to provide tangible value to NFT projects from the outset.

Oriol said that an outstanding feature of Moonsama is the Multiverse Portal, which acts as a bridge between traditional web applications (Web2) and blockchain-based assets (Web3). 

It enables users to define how their assets interact with applications, unlocking their utility seamlessly.

Composable and 3D NFTs

He also noted that the infrastructure comes with “The Composer,” a tool that simplifies the creation of composable NFT collections. 

Composable NFT collections refer to a concept in the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) where individual NFTs can be easily combined, integrated, or used as building blocks to create new NFTs or experiences. 

This composability aspect adds a layer of versatility and creativity to the NFT ecosystem, as builders can combine different NFTs into a single collection, fostering creativity and expanding possibilities.

Beyond composability, Oriol spoke about the 360-degree customization tool in the Moonsama platform. With this tool, users have the freedom to personalize their NFT assets to a high degree. 

They can create unique appearances for their digital assets by selecting specific traits and customizing various aspects of their digital personas.

Furthermore, this customization feature extends into the 3D realm. It allows users to work with real 3D models of their NFT assets. These 3D models can be incorporated into various applications and games, offering a more immersive and interactive experience. 

Users can not only customize the appearance of their NFTs but also integrate them into three-dimensional environments for a broader range of use cases.

Expanding beyond the digital realm 

Moonsama isn’t limited to digital spaces alone. The platform extends into the real world, where NFT traits can be used as filters on social media platforms. This innovative feature allows users to stand out online, showcasing their unique NFT traits.

It also aims to be a platform of platforms, fostering collaboration among NFT communities and builders. 

They encourage anyone interested in the NFT space to join their mission, whether as builders, participants in the metaverse, or as part of the larger NFT community.

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