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Flow expands Blockchain gaming ecosystem, introduces Metaverse Football



Flow has announced the addition of two new products into its ecosystem launching a metaverse football game and a racing video game. The two products are an exclusive blockchain football game called MFL (Metaverse Football League) and Formula E: HighVoltage.

Formula E: High Voltage is a video game developed by Animoca Brands and Amber, with in-game items which are digital assets representing a new level of ownership in the game. NFTs are a core part of the game where it is used in collecting, training, and managing cars and drivers.

According to Flow, Formula E: High Voltage is a part of the REVV Motorsport ecosystem, combining cutting-edge technology and electric racing. Also, its vision aligns with that of Formula E climate change initiative via electric vehicles.

Flow brags that the game is more than just entertainment; it’s a piece of history in the making.” Adding that its design combines “technology, sustainability, and electric racing excitement.”

The MFL (Metaverse Football League) is a blockchain game that merges football with blockchain technology. Football management is an exciting feature for gamers in this product. It allows for logo design, making decisions, and the opportunity to be a club owner, a player agent, or a manager. 

Further, Flow integrated its self-custodial wallet into the gameplay to allow players to truly own their assets in the MFL. “Players and clubs can be bought, sold, or traded any time on Marketplaces like Flowty and Flowverse. And players earn MFL points for their efforts: the platform’s in-game currency,” Flow said.

Also, Flow stated that users need not worry about seed phrases or complex beginner processes, “you can dive right in and trade your assets effortlessly.”

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