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Chiliz Chain’s SportFi, To Enable Secure Fan-Centric Apps



With the launch of SportFi on the Chiliz Chain, the innovative token project, Chiliz, has introduced an exciting new addition to its ecosystem: Chiliz SportFi. 

This new ecosystem empowers developers to create fan-focused applications, opening up a world of possibilities for sports enthusiasts worldwide. 

They have also maintained their unshakable dedication to the protection of their users and partners by introducing the blacklist function to its Chiliz Chain platform.

Chiliz’s announcement marks the beginning of a new era in fan engagement, paving the way for developers to explore their creative potential and design applications that cater to fans. 

It is anticipated that this newfound freedom  for developers to experiment and invent without limits will breathe new life into the world of fan-centric platforms and applications .

From interactive fan engagement apps to unique fan tokens and gamified experiences, the possibilities may seem endless with SportFi according to Chiliz

One key feature SportFi aims to establish in this area, where intellectual property infringement, threats, and fraud have occasionally impacted fan engagement platforms, is the Chiliz Chain’s blacklist feature.

This feature is a powerful safeguard designed to protect users and partners from potential IP infringements and security risks. With this mechanism in place, fans and partners can engage with the SportFi ecosystem with confidence, knowing that their interests are safeguarded.

The marriage of innovation and security within this ecosystem positions Chiliz as a forward-thinking force in the fan token and engagement landscape. While developers explore new horizons in fan-centric applications, Chiliz ensures that their focus on safety remains uncompromised. 

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