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Matter Labs launches ZK Fellowship to advance zkSync and ZK stack



In a bid to advance the world of decentralization, Matter Labs, the driving force behind zkSync, has introduced the ZK Fellowship program. The initiative aims to propel the development of zkSync, ZK Stack, and ZK Credo by engaging individuals and teams from outside Matter Labs.

Matter Labs is an engineering team that is passionate about liberty, blockchain, and math. The company is focused on scaling Ethereum with zero-knowledge proofs, which is a key technology to enable mainstream adoption of public blockchains. Here are some key points about Matter Labs:

The company’s mission is to enable mainstream adoption of public blockchains by making them more scalable, secure, and user-friendly. 

It has developed a number of products, including zkSync, which is a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum that uses zero-knowledge proofs to enable faster and cheaper transactions.

The ZK Fellowship is a paid, virtual program spanning 4-6 months, designed to harness the expertise of contributors beyond Matter Labs. 

Those with strong technical backgrounds, including students, developers, researchers, and academics, are encouraged to participate.

Successful applicants will receive a generous stipend of $3,500 per month throughout the fellowship duration. While the program supports participants, it emphasizes open-source development, ensuring that the work produced is accessible and well-documented.

Additionally, Fellows in the ZK program will gain access to invaluable resources within the Matter Labs ecosystem. 

It added that monthly check-ins with senior Matter Labs team members will facilitate feedback, knowledge sharing, and exploration of potential directions.

Participants will also have direct engagement with the vibrant core developer community of zkSync and may collaborate closely with Matter Labs’ affiliated partners.

Matter also said that top-performing participants will be given the opportunity that could potentially lead to positions at Matter Labs. 

The launch of the ZK Fellowship marks a significant stride toward the decentralization of zkSync and the broader ZK Stack, as external contributors play a pivotal role in advancing these technologies.

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