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Polygon to add new features to its zkEVM mainnet beta upgrade



Polygon has announced that its ZKEVM mainnet upgrade is scheduled for September 6, 2023 at 11:00 hrs UTC / 13:00 hrs CEST. Polygon expects the upgrade to last approximately one hour, during which the network will temporarily be unavailable.

Polygon is a blockchain network that enhances the scalability of Ethereum by providing faster transactions and lower fees. 

It accomplishes this through sidechains and the Plasma framework, providing developers and users a more efficient experience within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Recently, the blockchain announced its transition to a Zero-Knowledge (zK) powered Layer 2 chain, resulting in the release of Polygon 2.0. 

This comprehensive upgrade plan is aimed at developing the Value Layer of the internet. 

The Polygon 2.0 upgrade impacts various aspects of the Polygon network, including protocol architecture, tokenomics, and governance.

New features for enhanced performance

According to Polygon, the September 6 upgrade will introduce Node:v0.3.0. and Prover:v2.2.0 will help to enhance the stability and performance of the network, ensuring a smoother experience for users.

It also emphasized that users should assist in verifying the inclusion of Prover:v2.2.0 to “ensure that no other release candidate has been introduced.” 

For all node operators, they are required to follow the procedure to ensure smooth transition after the upgrade is completed.

Polygon Chain Development Kit

Still in line with its recent upgrade to Polygon 2.0, Polygon added a Chain Development Kit (CDK) to its ecosystem. The goal of the CDK is to simplify the development of Layer 2 scaling solutions on Ethereum. 

With the help of the CDK, developers can build various Layer 2 solutions that are compatible with the Ethereum blockchain and other chains.

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