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Nansen suffers security breach, affecting nearly 7% of user data



Prominent crypto and blockchain analytics company Nansen posted on X (formerly Twitter) that one of its third-party vendors suffered a security breach that affected 6.8% of its users. The crypto analytics provider mentioned that a security breach by a third-party vendor has affected nearly 7% of users in the system who were promptly informed of the incident.

According to Nansen, hackers gained access to admin rights after the breach of an account used to “provision customer access” to its platform.

An Important update from Nansen on  X (formerly Twitter) stated that:


Nansen stated that this vendor is “an established company used by many Fortune 500 companies,”  along with other companies in the industry, to manage data, without directly mentioning the affected company.

Nansen mentioned that it identified and informed those affected and asked them to change their passwords, clarifying that wallet funds were unaffected by the event. The users affected by the breach reportedly had their email addresses exposed, along with some password hashes, and some had their blockchain addresses compromised.

Nansen is a prominent resource in the crypto space and provides on-chain analytics about many of the industry’s major players. Nansen CEO Alex Svanevik, in a recent interview with Cointelegraph, said that he believes that in the future, a protocol will exist that creates a balance between blockchain transparency and user privacy and is compliant with regulators. 

In May, the company was among those suffering the effects of the ongoing bear market, laying off around 30% of its workforce.

Following a statement made on their official account on “X” (previously Twitter), some users commented that the company has “internal” issues that it will not discuss.

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