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Mina becomes the first non-EVM protocols on MetaMask Snaps



The Mina Foundation, a nonprofit organization supporting the Mina Protocol, and its development partner SotaTek have announced via their twitter page that the Mina Protocol will integrate with Consensys’ MetaMask Snaps.

Mina is a lightweight zero-knowledge proof layer -1 blockchain that has built-in features which enable efficient and easy programmability of zk-apps. Metamask is a self-custodial wallet that provides users with features that enable them to manage their EVM-compatible assets. 

However, Metamask has now introduced a new program “Metamask snaps” which allows users and other developers to create applications or other features that can be added to their Metamask wallets. 

According to Metamask: “A Snap is an application built by a third-party developer that adds features and functionality to MetaMask. Snaps can connect to blockchain protocols beyond Ethereum, show insights about transactions, display notifications, add new privacy and identity features, and much more.”

Users can now rapidly create a Mina Protocol address, transfer and receive Mina tokens, manage public and private keys, and examine their transaction history thanks to MinaPortal’s seamless integration into the MetaMask Snaps user interface. In addition to these features, the Snaps UI also adds new capability for zkApp developers.

Christian Montoya, Senior Product Manager at MetaMask Snaps, shared the benefits of incorporating Mina Protocol as one of the initial non-EVM chains on the MetaMask platform. By embracing Mina Protocol, MetaMask aims to promote interoperability and permissionless innovation within the decentralized ecosystem.

Kurt Hennecker, the COO of Mina Foundation, also acknowledged the significance of Mina Protocol’s integration with MetaMask Snaps. With MinaPortal becoming an integral part of the first production release, millions of MetaMask users can now explore the power of Mina Protocol’s native ZK programmability. This integration opens up exciting possibilities for enhanced privacy and efficiency in digital transactions and applications.

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