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Mina announces an Incentivized Testnet, Testworld Mission 2.0



Mina has announced an Incentivized Testnet named Testworld Mission 2.0 preparing its community for the upcoming Mina hard fork. Mina said it is an opportunity for validators, zkApp developers, and users to test the Mina blockchain to bring programmable ZK proofs to mainnet with zkApps.

Currently, the Mina network focuses on testing the network and ensuring SnarkyJS and code related to zkApps work as they should. According to Mina, Testworld Mission 2.0 will feature four different tracks, with track 1 already completed. 

The zkApp End-to-End (E2E) Testing, track 1, had builders from past programs build zkApps that cover all new functionalities and test them on the Berkeley Testnet.

Tracks 2 and 3 are underway with auditors and node operators already identified, Mina said. Additionally, Track 4 will commence soon, he added. The four tracks include zkApp End-to-End (E2E) Testing, External Security Auditing, Protocol & Performance Testing, and Preparation for the Hard Fork.

For track 2, a selected external auditor is reviewing the scope of transaction logic and the transaction pool, Mina said. “We are expecting the code review to be complete and the associated reports by the end of May.”

Mina unveiled that track 3, Protocol and Performance testing, is set to go live soon, and will run for approximately 2 months. With over 3,300 applications for track 3, representing 70 different countries. Afterward, 265 experienced node operators were selected to provide the network backbone for Testworld 2.0.

Mina affirmed, “Currently, there is work to prepare the network and tooling to start the public testing.” 

zkApps are Mina’s smart contracts powered by zero-knowledge proofs using zk-SNARKs. The team is working to bring programmable privacy to Mina, a ZK-native blockchain.

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