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LUKSO unveils Beta phase of Universal Profile browser



LUKSO has unveiled the Beta phase of its Universal Profile Browser Extension. While it’s currently in the TESTNET stage, this achievement represents a substantial stride toward improving the user experience of blockchain.

It aims to make blockchain technology more approachable and user-friendly for everyone.

LUKSO is a blockchain network that aims to create a space where creativity and innovation converge. It is a multiverse blockchain network that focuses on bringing blockchain to the worlds of fashion, gaming, design, and social media.

LUKSO is a layer 1 blockchain for creatives co-founded by Fabian Vogelsteller and Marjorie Hernandez. The blockchain is designed to offer creators and users a space to innovate and interact in truly new ways. It is an open and interoperable blueprint for the physical and digital worlds.

LUKSO’s building blocks are reshaping the future of digital lifestyle ecosystems. It has its cryptocurrency called LYXe, which is used to power the network. 

LUKSO is also known for its “universal profiles,” which allow users to create a single profile that can be used across different platforms and applications. 

Revolutionizing the blockchain user experience

Universal Profiles are poised to revolutionize how individuals interact with blockchain technology. They aim to eliminate many of the technical complexities and limitations associated with blockchain, paving the way for a smoother and more intuitive user experience.

According to LUKSO, once a Universal Profile is set up, users can explore various projects built on LUKSO, send LYXt tokens to friends’ profiles, mint LSP7 assets, or create profiles on Universal Page to showcase NFTs on the Testnet.

Additionally, LUKSO has achieved significant progress by introducing LUKSO Standard Proposals (LSPs), which enhance blockchain functionality and trustworthiness. 

Universal Profiles are based on these standards, ensuring compatibility with emerging token standards. 

Notably, they offer gasless transactions and a Transaction Relay Service for cost-effective blockchain interactions. 

Security is improved with recovery options, and user-friendly device management is introduced. 

DApp developers benefit from seamless integration, enabling dynamic use cases and data storage within Universal Profiles for innovation in DApps.

LUKSO added that the Universal Profile Browser Extension is available for download on TESTNET from Users are also reminded not to send LYX or LYXe tokens to their TESTNET Universal Profile.

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