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Nexo introduces innovative Mastercard with credit & debit features



Nexo, a leading regulated institution for digital assets, has introduced the first Dual Mode Nexo Mastercard, a revolutionary financial instrument that combines credit and debit functions in one card. Combining the convenience of debit transactions with the power of credit functionalities, Nexo’s move promises to revolutionize how users interact with their cryptocurrency assets. 

The introduction of the Nexo MasterCard is evidence of the firm’s dedication to being at the forefront of financial technology development. Nexo combines the best of both worlds to provide its customers with a versatile financial platform that can be tailored to meet their individual requirements.

The company also noted an interesting feature of the Dual Mode Nexo Mastercard: the ability to earn rewards while keeping cryptocurrency balances. This innovative approach allows users to earn up to 9% without making any purchases.

Furthermore, with the Nexo MasterCard, users can easily make purchases from over 100 million retailers around the world using any of three supported currencies (Euros, British Pounds, or US Dollars). Additionally, cardholders are spared the trouble of paying foreign transaction fees when making purchases abroad.

Nexo has made it easy to toggle between debit and credit use with the card’s companion app. Users need only update their Nexo app to take advantage of the revolutionary features of the Dual Mode Nexo MasterCard. 

Nexo’s MasterCard is an innovative illustration of how the financial industry can benefit from technological advancements. Clearly, Nexo is looking to reshape the future of cryptocurrency payments with its integration of credit and debit capabilities, rewards, and global usability.


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