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Islamic Coin: faces behind the project



 The Islamic Coin is a crypto project that aims to integrate Islamic principles with blockchain technology.

The project’s native cryptocurrency is called Islamic Coin (ISLM), and it operates on the Haqq Network. This network serves various purposes, including payments, governance, gas fees, and staking.

The Haqq Network is a Proof of Stake blockchain that is compatible with Ethereum. It supports the Inter Blockchain communication protocol (IBC) and offers high throughput and fast finality, making it suitable for diverse applications beyond finance.

The project is backed by a team of experienced executives in their respective fields. In this article, we will explore these executives, highlighting their credentials.

Hussein Mohammed Al Meeza

He is a prominent banker, who has built an illustrious career spanning over 45 years – where he started at the Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) – in the Islamic banking, finance, and insurance sectors. 

As a founding member of key entities like Emaar Properties, Amlak Finance, Emaar Industries & Investments, and Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Company (AMAN), he has a wealth of experience to bring from the web2 ecosystem into Web3.

While he still serves as the Executive Director of the Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) today, he was honored in 2006, as the Best Islamic Banking Personality. 

Other of his accomplices include establishing the Al Salam Banks in Sudan, Bahrain, and Algeria; Chairman of Al Salam Bank – Seychelles, Top Enterprises L.L.C., and Lycée Francais Jean Mermoz L.L.C.

He has a degree from the Beirut Arab University and holds an MBA degree from La Jolla University, USA.

Mohammed AlKaff AlHashmi

Mohammed AlKaff AlHashmi is a graduate of computer science and engineering (University of Aden) who has built a niche for himself in Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, Industrial automation, and IoT. 

His career which has spanned over 18 years, began at Huawei, where he worked as an Intelligence Network Engineer, and has included other achievements and enterprise in the world of business.

Apart from being the driving force behind MCPM Automation in the MENA region, providing cutting-edge tech solutions to support Manufacturing, Smart Cities, Energy, Sustainability, and Environment, he is the CEO of MCPM Holding and UI Ventures. He is the co-founder of the Islamic Coin project 

Greg Gigliotti

Greg Gigliotti started his financial career in 1989 as an analyst at Mutual Series Funds, where he worked under the guidance of acclaimed investor Michael Price. This happened after he was awarded a B.A in Economics and International Relations from Connecticut College in 1988.

After working in Mutual Series Funds Inc. and seeing the acquisition of the company that managed an asset base of over $17 billion, by Franklin Templeton in 1996, Greg joined Goldman Sachs Asset Management in 1997. At Goldman Sachs, he managed value strategies and over $7 billion on behalf of institutional clients. 

Five years later, the Financial Analyst became a founding partner of Trilogy Global Advisors LLC, saw assets under management grow to over $16 billion, and Trilogy’s eventual sale to Affiliated Managers Group, Inc. in 2010. 

Currently, he serves as the CEO, CIO, and Founding Partner of Xtellus Advisors, LLC, a New York-based private equity investment firm.

Peter J. Rafferty

Another executive of the Islamic coin is Peter J. Rafferty, who is a Chartered Financial Analyst. He graduated from Temple University with a BSc in Finance. 

An active participant in the American Chamber of Commerce, Rafferty’s experience extends to various executive roles, solidifying his expertise.

Some of the roles he has held include Managing Director and founding partner of Xtellus Advisors, LLC; Portfolio Strategist, Senior Fund Manager, and Senior Advisor at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), and more. 

His remarkable contributions saw him overseeing a $50 billion portfolio. 

Anish Mohammed

Anish Mohammed is the co-founder, Chief Scientist, and CTO of Panther Protocol, and he brings a wealth of expertise in security and cryptography to the team of executives at Islamic Coin. 

He holds a PhD in Information Security, from Royal Holloway, University of London, and a degree from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

With over 20 years of experience, he has been involved in researching cryptographic algorithms and protocols that involved Microsoft Research. 

Top Web3 projects such as Hyperloop, Ripple, and Ocean Protocol have also benefited from the research.

His involvement with the Ethereum Swarm team as the Ethereum Swarm Orange Paper Series reviewer further highlights his contributions to the blockchain ecosystem. 

Anish’s impact extends to being the principal architect for Boson protocol, a testament to his visionary approach to the tech landscape.

Khamis Buharoon Al Shamsi

He has built a global finance career path and is well-established through his tenure at the Central Bank of UAE, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, and other notable financial institutions such as Commercial Bank International, Arqaam Capital Investment in DIFC, UIB in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Naeem Holdings in Egypt.

With a career spanning over 35 years, Al Shamsi’s leadership and contributions are evident across various roles, from Managing Director to Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Acting CEO at ADIB.

In addition, he played pivotal roles in the Settlements Committee, Executive Committee, and Nominations and Remuneration Committee at ADIB. 

In 2020, the B.A. in Business and Accounting holder joined as Chairman of the Abu Dhabi National Takaful Company Board of Directors.

Faris Ahmad Ramadhan Juma

He is a business strategist and entrepreneur with a respected global career. He has a Bachelor’s degree in business and commerce from the University of Wollongong. 

Before becoming the Chief Business Development Officer of Islamic Coin, he occupied senior positions at DU Telecom, led ARJ Water Technology as Regional CEO and managed Emaar Group as its General Manager. 

Faris possesses a wide range of expertise that extends across various industries, showcasing a distinct talent for navigating mergers and acquisitions.

Dr. Mohamed Bechari

He is a scholar who has experience in combining religious and cultural elements to bring development to people. 

He serves as the Secretary General of the World Muslim Communities Council, President of the French National Federation of Muslims, and Secretary General of the Islamic European Conference. 

Part of his pioneering work is founding the Avicenna Institute in Lille. 

Avicenna Institute is a non-profit educational organization that offers online courses and resources in various fields, including Islamic studies, Arabic language, and professional development.

The doctor who also contributes to the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Center for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (KAICIID) in Vienna, Austria, is an author and holds visiting professor positions at international universities. 

He received prestigious awards such as the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence and The Medal of Sciences and Arts from Egypt. He’s known for speaking out against hate and violence.

Rachel Pether

She is a recognized figure in the digital asset landscape who has worked as a senior management staff at Mubadala Investment Company and SkyBridge Capital. 

She’s also an advisor to digital asset companies, including cryptocurrency exchange MidChains and GameFi company Cheelee. Her journey began as a journalist with the BBC before transitioning to Mubadala’s Capital Markets & Treasury team.

Rachel is a CFA Charterholder, chartered treasurer, and host of notable shows, produced by FintechTV – Digital Asset Report and TheIMPACT. She is also a member of Mensa and a published author.

Arben Kane

Arben is a tech entrepreneur with a career path that spans over two decades. Some of the companies he has founded include Kontur Inc., Ozolio, FlikMedia, and iRAPP/Code Rebel. 

He has occupied the role of CTO or Senior VP of Engineering for various firms such as 

EchoEcho, highlighting his affinity for tech.

As an angel investor and General Partner in the tech and now blockchain space, Arben understands the business of investment as well. 

The senior executive has a B.S. in Logistics from Berufsakademie Stuttgart and a B.S. in Computer Science from Fernfachhochschule Darmstadt. There are also four US patents attached to his name in interactive video viewing and media data processing.

Obaid Helal Obaid Mohammed AL Kaabi

He holds significant senior positions in prominent UAE corporations. As a Board Member of Select Group, Sawaeed Holding, Sawaeed Investment, and other leading institutions, his influence extends across multiple domains. 

Other firms where he serves include Al Maryah Community Bank, Al Maryal Community Bank Audit Committee, and other leading institutions in the Middle East.

Jerad Finck

He has been in the digital industry for long as a blockchain and technology executive and understands tech design and architecture. 

With a career spanning over two decades, he has worked with top global firms including Nokia, Universal Music Group, Warner Music, INgrooves, Kobalt, BMG, OneRPM, ADA, Rock Ridge Music, ScoreKeepers, Universal Attractions, and more.

While he serves as one of the executives at Islamic Coin, he is also the CEO and Founder of Cosmic Wire, a proprietary blockchain technology and infrastructure company.


As the Islamic Coin token prepares to go live on September 1, 2023, it promises an exciting chance for everyone to get involved. 

Investors are drawn to projects that possess a credible team and advisory board with the ability to overcome obstacles and achieve remarkable success. 

Islamic Coin, for instance, boasts a lineup of seasoned professionals and industry experts who collectively hold over a century of experience in their respective fields. 

While this factor is unquestionably significant, it is essential to remember that there are numerous other factors that contribute to the success of a project.

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