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Arkham Releases API Pilot Program for all Users



Arkham announces the launch of the Arkham API Pilot Program, offering API access to its valued community members. This groundbreaking initiative grants users direct access to the very same API that powers data delivery within the Arkham platform.

Arkham is a Series A blockchain intelligence company that has raised over $12 million from investors, including Palantir and OpenAI founders, as well as VCs like Geoff Lewis at Bedrock and Tim Draper. 

It has a platform providing information on real-world entities and individuals involved in crypto market activity. The company meets the growing need for cryptocurrency network information, serving traders, journalists, and government agencies seeking to predict market movements, inform reporting, and uncover criminal activities. 

Arkham said that the API, a gateway to its powerful Ultra address matching engine, presents a unique opportunity for sophisticated users to customize data flows and seamlessly integrate them into their existing systems. By linking blockchain addresses to real-world entities, Ultra empowers users with unparalleled insights.

It added that through the API, users can craft custom SQL queries, gaining access to a comprehensive list of Arkham labels, transaction logs, and historical balance data for addresses and entities. This level of flexibility provides an unrivaled data exploration experience.

Before the release of the API, the project launched its token in July, on Binance. According to Arkham’s official website, after the token goes live, it will be followed by a token sale using Binance Launchpad’s subscription format. 

Details of the sale reveal that the token sale will have a hard cap of $2,500,000 USD and a user hard cap of $15,000 USD. While the total token supply is 1,000,000,000 ARKM, Binance Launchpad is meant to get 50,000,000 ARKM (5% of the total supply).

Applying for the API 

Arkham also noted that applying for API access is a simple process that requires users to apply with this link. Applicants can range from enthusiastic developers to data enthusiasts.

It added that once granted access, participants will receive a unique API key, providing exclusive entry to Arkham’s API documentation and resources. 

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