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Arkham to Launch Intel-to-Earn Platform



The blockchain company, Arkham Intel has announced that their project Arkham Intel Exchange is set to go live on July 18th, 2023. It is the first intelligence marketplace ever built on a blockchain. The Arkham Intel Exchange is the first platform of its kind that connects  buyers and sellers of intelligence using any cryptocurrency wallet address.

To connect buyers and sellers of on-chain intelligence, the Intel Exchange employs a bounty mechanism. Buyers on the Arkham Intel Exchange post bounties to solicit information from community. Bounty hunters claim these bounties by providing the required information in exchange for money.

Anyone can create a bounty by securing funds and making a request for data about specific crypto currency addresses or entities. Afterward, “bounty hunters” (blockchain researchers/sleuths) can collect the reward money in exchange for sharing their findings.

On the other hand, anyone with access to sensitive information about a wallet or its owner can sell that data to other users for a fixed price or through an auction system. As a result, “intel-to-earn” becomes a viable option for on-chain investigators to monetize their efforts on a large scale.

However, after the Intel submissions have been verified by Arkham Foundation, the users who funded the bounties have an exclusive 90-day access period to the intel they purchased or sold on the Intel Exchange.

Once the 90 days are up, the data is published on the Arkham platform and becomes available to the public. This ensures the requested information is not permanently restricted and gives the buyer time to use it.


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