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Worldcoin achieves 2M sign-ups, advancing Sam Altman’s vision



Worldcoin, a pioneering cryptocurrency, and digital identification project, has achieved a remarkable milestone by surpassing two million user sign-ups for its revolutionary “global identity protocol” called World ID. The project, currently in beta testing, clocked this milestone in less than half the time it took to reach the first million.

World ID aims to provide users with a secure “global digital passport” stored on their smartphones. Individuals can use advanced zero-knowledge proofs to validate their identification while protecting privacy.

individuals need to visit an “orb” where they scan one of their irises, to register for the World ID program and obtain a unique “digital passport.” This process generates an exclusive “IrisHash” that authenticates their uniqueness. Users earn Worldcoin, the project’s native token, as a reward for successfully uploading their sensitive biometric data.

The staggering sign-up numbers are ascribed to a recent multi-city tour spanning Barcelona, Berlin, and Tokyo. 40,000 new verified World ID members were added weekly during the tour, driving the project’s growth even further.

As such, Worldcoin foresees a global increase in the availability of “Orbs”— eye-scanning devices made of chrome and weighing five pounds— in the coming months. The rising demand has led to their broader distribution globally.

Notably, protocols such as Okta’s Auth0 and the Talent Protocol have begun integrating World ID and Worldcoin in their onboarding processes.

On May 8, Worldcoin unveiled the World App— a gas-free crypto wallet compatible with Android and iOS operating systems, catering exclusively to verified individuals. Later in May, Worldcoin successfully raised a remarkable $115 million in a Series C round to bootstrap development and widespread adoption of its World ID program.

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