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Upland & EOS system dominate the EOS ecosystem – Q2 Report



The EOS Ecosystem report by Messari reveals the notable impact of Upland and the EOS System in the second quarter of 2023. Upland, an engaging virtual property game, dominated the ecosystem with an impressive 74% market share and an average of 21,000 daily active addresses. 

Meanwhile, the EOS System contract group, responsible for essential functions like delegation and resource management, garnered nearly 4,000 daily active addresses. Together, Upland and the EOS System commanded an average market share of 86%, showcasing their substantial influence within the EOS ecosystem.

Furthermore, the report confirmed that Prospectors, Crypto Dynasty, AtomicHub, and the Wombat Dungeon Master were among the top six contract groups.

The EOS System saw a significant number of newly created addresses, accounting for an average share of 62% of interactions. Many users joined the EOS Network primarily to stake their $EOS. On the other hand, Upland’s average share of newly created addresses was only 17%, which is considerably lower than its overall market share.

The data suggest that Upland’s popularity primarily stems from its existing user base. However, it is still responsible for a significant portion of newly created addresses. The decline in average daily new addresses impacts all contract groups across quarters. Yet, the EOS System stands out as the fastest-growing contract group due to the need for interaction with this vital component when joining the network.

AtomicHub closely follows as the second-fastest growing contract group, with an average of 70 new addresses per day in the quarter. Upland and Dungeon Master also show promising growth rates, with 52 and 41 new addresses per day respectively.

EOS DeFi Ecosystem 

The Total Value Locked (TVL) on the EOS native chain decreased by 28% quarter over quarter, totaling $36 million. DeFibox made up approximately 65% of the total TVL, with PayCash following closely behind at over $7 million.

By the end of the quarter, EOS EVM accumulated over $1 million in TVL. In addition, AMM Noah Swap boasted a TVL of nearly $800,000. Furthermore, NOAH’s circulating market cap reached $141,000 at the end of the quarter.

There are other high-performing DEXs in the EOS ecosystem, such as Neutroswap and Frogge.Finance.

In terms of NFT marketplaces within the EOS ecosystem, AtomicHub has emerged as the primary platform, boasting over 5,000 collections. Notably, on the last day of the quarter, AtomicHub facilitated approximately 1,200 sales, resulting in a volume of around $900.

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