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EOS CEO calls for legal action against



In a recent tweet, Yves La Rose, CEO and co-founder of EOS, reiterated the company’s vision to build a blockchain that powers mass adoption applications. This comes after he wrote an open letter to EOS Network investors, citing the broken investment promises of

He mentioned that “people using applications [powered by the EOS Network] won’t know they’re using EOS, and ideally, they won’t even know they’re using a blockchain.” According to him, that implies no gas fees, no private keys, and users will only have to use the apps they like.

Specifically, he said EOS is looking to make the space so user-friendly that anyone could use it, citing the early days of the internet when only technical people could use it. However, that changed, and now anyone can use it.

“From a technical perspective, we’re focused on ensuring that EOS is an infinitely scalable, flexible, and reliable network. Additionally, the team is building the network to become the blockchain of choice for developers by providing them with the tools they need to build user-friendly apps,” Yves La Rose, CEO and co-founder of EOS Network.

Furthermore, in the open letter written by the CEO of EOS to EOS token holders, particularly block producers, he urged them to take legal action against for breaking investment promises or consider a hard fork that would exclude tokens owned by from participating in EOS token trading.  

According to the CEO, the broken promise by has rendered the EOS Network undercapitalized and significantly stunted its development. promised a $1 billion investment at the height of its ICO in January 2018. However, they have demonstrated little to no support in building the EOS network and, to date, have shown no intention of investing said amount into the network.

The CEO said that the legal action is warranted since investors relied on’s promises of investment when making their purchase. Additionally, a hard fork will separate the EOS Network from any association with

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