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TON’s First Decentralized Token Farming Program is Here



As the liquidity mining rewards campaign concludes, TON welcomes a Token farming program. The program is the first decentralized token farming program in the ecosystem launched by DEX.

The farming program is for DEX’s STON token. Participants are to supply liquidity to the STON/TON and jUSDT/STON pairs to earn yields at the end of the stake period. The solution is a decentralized, smart contract farming and will run until August 4.

Farming is a method that requires the staking of LP tokens by providing liquidity to the DEX. In farming, users receive returns when they stake their LP tokens.

How to Farm LP Tokens on

  • Stake on the liquidity pool in the liquidity section to acquire LP tokens
  • Choose a pool from the farming section
  • Enter the amount of LP tokens to stake
  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet

For the farming, staked LP tokens are only unstaked after 14 days.  This is done by pressing the claim button. is the TON Blockchain automated market maker (AMM) cross-chain DEX with features that allow for low slippage and direct interaction with TON wallets.

The previous campaign program on The Open Network (TON) allowed participants to become liquidity providers for top DEX tokens on certain terms.

TON is a layer 1 blockchain created by Telegram developers. It is designed as a decentralized and open internet that allows users to access, transact, and transfer NFT, and crypto assets using the TON native wallet. By using the TON Network, users can also transfer crypto directly from Telegram.

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