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Solana execs: Google Cloud aids in creating innovative games for adoption



Solana, a leading blockchain platform, has teamed up with Google Cloud to create innovative gaming experiences and accelerate the adoption of Web3 tools. In an interview, Dan Albert, Executive Director of Solana Foundation, emphasized the pivotal role of the gaming industry in driving Web3 adoption and how collaboration with Google Cloud is instrumental in achieving this goal.

One significant outcome of this partnership is the development of the Solana Saga device – a cutting-edge Web3-centric Android smartphone. Designed by Solana and OSOM, the Solana Saga combines smartphone functionality with built-in wallet security. 

With its crypto-centric features, the Solana Saga offers a unique gaming experience, bolstered by impressive specifications and reliable everyday performance. Notably, it includes a seed vault for secure recovery phrase storage and features its own dApp store, separate from the Google Play store. Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 processor, the Solana Saga boasts a vibrant 1080p AMOLED screen.

Albert believes that the gaming industry has the potential to drive widespread adoption of Web3 tools. Solana aims to create gaming experiences that are both entertaining and introduce novel modes of play for users. 

By leveraging mobile devices like the Solana Saga, the platform aims to reach mobile users worldwide, making Web3 more accessible and immersive.

New business models

Moreover, this collaboration between Solana and Google Cloud has sparked the development of new business models globally. 

Albert highlights that the partnership’s focus on creating “high polish tools” that are user-friendly and secure enables individuals to innovate and build new experiences, business models, and products.

As a blockchain project centered around data, Solana, in tandem with Google Cloud, offers robust infrastructure to help users realize their vision in today’s digital landscape. 

The collaboration brings forth powerful tools such as Bigtable and BigQuery, seamlessly integrated with Solana, enabling users worldwide to leverage their capabilities.

Albert expresses enthusiasm about the Solana and Google Cloud partnership, especially in witnessing the relevance of Web2 infrastructure in shaping the future of Web3. 

The combined efforts of these two entities hold promise for revolutionizing the gaming experience and driving the widespread adoption of Web3 tools in the coming years.

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