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Google Play opens its doors to NFTs with new policy update



Google Play has recently announced an update to its policy on blockchain-based digital content in apps and games. The objective is to encourage innovation while prioritizing user protection and transparency.

According to the new policy, apps must explicitly disclose the sale or earning of tokenized digital assets. At the same time, they are discouraged from promoting or glamorizing potential earnings from playing or trading activities.

Furthermore, apps that do not meet the eligibility criteria for gambling cannot accept payments for a chance to win assets with unknown real-world value, including NFTs. These guidelines were created in collaboration with developers to provide support for their businesses.

Google Play has announced its commitment to further engage with developers and explore ways to enhance support for blockchain-based app experiences, including secondary markets. 

This announcement is expected to bring more enjoyable experiences to apps and games available on Google Play.

John Linden, CEO of Mythical Games, expresses gratitude for Google’s collaboration in driving innovation and advancing new economies. He believes that these new policies will benefit both players and developers, fostering the adoption of new technology while ensuring consumer protection.

Matt Williamson, Senior Engineering Manager at Reddit, emphasizes their dedication to empowering users through transparency and responsible blockchain-based content, such as Collectible Avatars. 

In an effort to establish a fair environment that promotes user trust and responsible usage of blockchain technology, Reddit has partnered with Google to update its policy. The aim is to provide clear guidelines that empower users to make informed decisions while enjoying immersive experiences.

Google has been actively supporting the growth and integration of the Web3 industry through collaborations with various crypto firms such as Coinbase, Binance, Aptos, and Polygon

Furthermore, Google has launched a startup program to assist new Web3 companies in thriving and leveraging its legacy infrastructure, including Google Cloud, for development purposes.

Google Play emphasizes its commitment to supporting developers in bringing innovative ideas to life while striking a balance between fostering innovation and ensuring responsible practices to safeguard their users. The ultimate goal is to maintain a secure and transparent experience for everyone involved.

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