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Web3 Foundation partners to bring music to web3



Web3 Foundation has teamed up with Barcelona-based web3 start-up GUZZU and Polka Häus to support Primavera Pro in producing content about the future of music in the digital age and the potential of blockchain technology.

The Primavera Pro Web3 Music Summit, with the backing of Web3 Foundation, anticipates more than 3,000 guests who will engage in in-depth discussions about the future of music in the digital age and the potential of blockchain technology. The inaugural Madrid Primavera Event spans June 7th and 8th and will be held at Espacio Cultural Serrería Belga en Madrid. Additionally, the event will be held in collaboration with the city hall of Madrid.

Primavera Pro is a music platform that offers an entryway to discover trends and challenges in an annual gathering in Barcelona, which is also occupied by Primavera Sound.

The Web3 Music Summit is the perfect event to bring together the music industry and the Web3 ecosystem, aiming to bridge the gap between the two sectors. This summit will introduce music industry professionals to the world of Web3 technology, while supporting the transition to Web3 from Web2.

Web3 Foundation is committed to creating an open and transparent internet, as well as empowering artists with blockchain technology to manage ownership of their creations and engage with their supporters. Partnering with Primavera Pro and Primavera Sound will help support this mission, while also reaching new audiences beyond the Web3 community.

The Web3 Foundation was established in Zug, Switzerland by Dr. Gavin Wood, former CTO and co-founder of Ethereum. The foundation’s principal project, the Polkadot blockchain protocol, is making waves in the tech industry. The Foundation is inviting music professionals to Polkadot Blockchain to expand their reach and discover the power of distributed ledger technology for sharing and distributing musical content. By networking with people who share their interests, promoters, musicians, and creators can explore blockchain’s potential to transform the music industry.

Elena Barreras, Director of Primavera Pro said “The Web3 Music Summit is a pioneering project on a national scale.” The director expressed that it is a great opportunity to hold a debate on the relationship between Web3 and music. 

Arnau Sabaté, CEO of GUZZU expressing what the event represents in the web3 space, mentioned that it will also be a great “opportunity to discover the most cutting-edge music projects developed in the Polkadot ecosystem.” GUZZU was founded by two former staff of Primavera Sound and serves as a web3 community for music creators to explore and release Digital items.

The panel, featuring prominent industry figures, will discuss topics such as Web3 onboarding, the most relevant use cases in the music and creative industries, and the potential of blockchain technology for creating, distributing, and consuming digital content.

The Summit will take place concurrently with the Primavera Sound 2023 Music Festival. This annual event is held at Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona, Spain. Historically, the inaugural edition occurred in 2001, and this year, it will be hosted in both Barcelona and Madrid.

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