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Gemini Offers Relief to Voyager Customers Affected by Bankruptcy



Gemini has announced a solution to ease the withdrawal of crypto assets for customers affected by the recent Voyager bankruptcy. 

Former Voyager users can now open an account with Gemini and withdraw their cryptocurrency in-kind through the claims distribution process, giving them a much-needed lifeline during this turbulent time.

According to Gemini, Voyager customers must follow their claims distribution guidelines to transfer their assets to Gemini. By following instructions, users can open an account with Gemini and transfer their cryptocurrency holdings from Voyager to Gemini’s safer platform. Users can trust that their transferred assets will arrive safely and in one piece thanks to Gemini’s secure infrastructure and stringent compliance measures.

Gemini also implies that all Voyager customers who switch to Gemini will receive a special promotion as a gesture of their appreciation. Additionally, new Voyager customers in the United States who sign up and are verified within 30 days of opening an account will receive $5 in BTC. Over 70 different cryptos can be used without any issues. 

Customers of Voyager who were affected by the bankruptcy can find solace in Gemini’s gesture, which not only gives them a way to retrieve their crypto assets but also affirms the values of openness, trust, and safety that have helped propel the cryptocurrency industry to its current success.

Voyager customers affected by the bankruptcy must read through Gemini’s claims distribution process to understand their options. Those who have been affected can reclaim their digital currency if they seize this chance. 


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