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Users can Now Check Their FTX Balance on Poloniex Exchange



Users can Now Check Their FTX Balance on Poloniex Exchange

Users of the popular cryptocurrency exchange FTX have been looking for ways to access and monitor their accounts in the wake of the firm’s bankruptcy announcement. The bankruptcy team has implemented the use of a unique customer code, separate from the FTX UID, which Poloniex users can use to check their FTX balances.

Poloniex Exchange, through their Twitter page, made the announcement to confirm this development and further stated that all data comes from the public disclosure of FTX’s claims agent, Kroll, and is open to all users.

It is important not to forget that FTX, which was once one of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, made news when it announced that it would be closing its doors owing to unforeseen difficulties with its finances. As a direct consequence of this, a significant number of FTX customers have been looking for ways to manage their holdings and requesting information on their outstanding balances.

As a solution to this circumstance, FTX’s bankruptcy team has designed a customer code system to provide consumers with a unique identification that may be used to access their account information on Poloniex. FTX customers can access their account information on Poloniex by entering their customer code. The customer code is generated uniquely for Poloniex users and exists independently of the FTX UID. 

To check your FTX balance, simply visit this Poloniex page, input your customer code, and search. 

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